No Tears!

Shed not a tear for me,
for I am no hero, you see.
I am just a child of God,
yet I don’t know why.
I do know that it is plain to see,
that God really does care for me.
He has shown me the light,
soon I’ll be by his side, maybe tonight.
I have trusted you as a friend,
but I’ll be with God in the end.
I can only hope that I have done well,
Because I’m looking at heaven as a new place to dwell.
If I could and I would, I’d carry the burden of your souls with me when I am gone. I would free you from your suffering and sadness, only to fill you with gladness. But as a human I cannot do these things for you, I can only do what it is I do, I can pray for you, as I knee for you. I can feel your pain and suffering time and time again. I can hope that you feel what I feel in Gods hands because we are all part of his plan.
Written by Miss Bobbie Jean, now sharing this dream of a better tomorrow.
One day you will be free to be what you want to be, but you have to make that first step, no one can do that for you. Be strong, show your true colors for all to see. That is why I became me.
God and Transgenders Stand Together.
© 2015 – 2016 Living transgender All rights reserved

The Wondering!


As I sit here I cannot help but wonder if there are things I could have done better.

The thing about knowing when one will die kinda changes things, make one have the time to think about all the things in life that they have done for the good of man kind. As human beings, it is our place to teach those that follow us to live a better life. One may find themselves asking, did I do enough? Will that is where I am at now. Did I do everything that was in my power to do. I tried everyday to teach others about being different, about being human, everyone has feelings and words can hurt, no matter how softy they are spoken.

I have always tried to do the right thing no matter what the end result might be. For what I believe in I have found to be sincere and honest. I have learned from my mistakes to make a better world to live in for those that follow me in this place. To be kind and respectful to others just as I would have them treat me. To never judge a book by it’s cover because the real story behind it may be something different indeed.

I sit and wonder what would my life have been like it I would have ever changed, maybe it would have been better by societies standards, but by they were not by mine.

The thing I don’t wonder about anymore is the fact as to whether or not God loves me, because I know for sure he does.

I do wonder about what would heaven be like, but I am sure that a lot of people wonder about that one. The thing about wondering is that it can get to you and make you feel down, never allow yourself to get that deep into it. I used to wonder about how others will remember me, but I don’t fear that anymore, because I feel that I have done all I can do to make myself public to anyone that want to see me and what it is I do. I am proud of the person that I turned out to be. It does not matter about anything else now, because I cannot and will not change for society, they’ll just have to take me as I am.

So if you are wondering whether I am doing ok, well this is the stage of death that I am at in my life. Oh, and it is true about the life passing before ones eyes, that is everyday thing for me now.

I love to be different because that is what I am.

Written by a wondering person with an open mind.

By Miss Bobbie Jean with a dream of a better tomorrow.

God and Transgenders Stand Together.

© 2015 – 2016 Living transgender All rights reserved

My Hero


Today I would like to thank my caregiver for being here for me. When I cannot reach out to get something or to even fix a cup of coffee, she has been there for me. In the middle of the night when I need to get up because I cannot breath anymore she is there. When I am having a bad day and cannot move she is there for me. Even though there are times when she cannot leave my side because things are so bad that I might not make it through the day she is there for me. Even when I treat her like shit she is there for me. So for her I thank her for the time out of her life that she has given to me. She is my hero because even if it makes her feel that I have taken part of her life away from her she is still there for me. It takes a real good hearted person to be a good care giver and she is tops in my book.
Miss Bobbie Jean

A Flower Of Life!


Life is like a flower, it blooms and shows it’s beauty, but when the bloom is done, the plant still lives on. I will live on through you, you are my plant, so just because I will not be able to bloom anymore, I will still be with you.
I don’t ask for anything here, but support from my friends. Sometimes I do not comment on my post after I have posted it, but I do read all the comments that are left for me to see and they mean a lot to me, just don’t know how to answer some of them.
I would like to thank those of you that really care about me, I have always had this fear of dying alone, will because of you and what has happen here I am not alone anymore. I don’t have a family that cares for me and anytime someone has tried to be my friend in real life, others think that they are gay or something like that, so I don’t have any real friends here where I have lived for 30 years of my life, but because of the internet I can have friends and family all over the world. So let me thank you all for being my friend, it is important that ones dies with friends.

Thought for today!
Sometimes in life a friend is found in the strangest places and you just haven’t looked their way, to let them shine on your day, so look around you, maybe today is that day you will look their way.

Written by Miss Bobbie Jean sharing a dream of a better tomorrow.

All lives matter, not just yours.

An Army!

On one can be strong alone it takes a army of people behind them, giving them the courage and the power to move mountains, to make a difference in someone else’s life not of their own. Someone that can stand tall before you all and say I am “ME” and that is all you will ever see.

Written by Miss Bobbie Jean

For You!

The courage that I show,
comes from you, you know.
the blessing that I have received,
I get from God, as he pleased.
The dreams that I have are mime,
to look back on from time to time.
If just one of those dreams were to come true,
“feel the joy,” that is all that is left for me to do.
Please forgive me for writing about sorrow,
but for me there may be no tomorrow.
I write what I feel,
because I want to keep it real.
Trying to make this world a better place,
just for us to share as a human race.
A place where gender, color or any other be called,
a place where we all can stand tall.
For this I thank you all, because even if I can’t stand at all, I am still standing tall.
Written by Miss Bobbie Jean.. sharing a dream.



Why is it that God has given us this beautiful place we call Earth and our home?
Man has hunted for years upon years for another place where we could live and move forward yet they have not found any such place, so why does man continue to destroy this world that we all need to be sharing as one.
I believe that God has given us this world as for us to grow and be ready for our time with him. He wants us to share in his eternal life and sit by his side in the heavens above. We would not have like it if it were dark and all gray, instead it is full of beauty and the light shines down from the heavens to show us the way. It is a place where we can grow and become one with our creator, but first we must become one with ourselves, we have to know that it is only in our power to change things for the better, if mankind does not stand together, all will fall for that. It does not matter where one is from or even who you are, what matters is this world that we all have to and need to be sharing with each other. Man has try for thousands of years to destroy this plant by overpowering his enemy, well hows has that been working for them. Maybe it is time to change the way things are done. Try caring and helping, by sharing and giving, makes you a better person and if people are happy they tend to move forward.

Though for today.
So all in all I believe that one should take the time to “smell the rose’s” because with out them there would be no life.

I know that some of you just think that I am nothing, well maybe in your eyes I am, but in my eyes I see hope and love, understanding and forgiveness, I see a world full of such beauty like man has never seen, you see I know I am going to heaven when my time ends here, because I have already served my time in hell. I have seen many things in my life, death and hunger, but at the same time I have seen life and joy. This is a hard world we live in, but it is for us to make it better for those that follow us, that will one day walk in our foot steps. I can only say that I hope that I have left some foot steps to walk in.

Thank you

Written by Miss Bobbie Jean..with a dream.