We All Battle Depression In Our Own Way!


Good morning , hoping that your life is in your hands and not the others man’s hand.
It is ashamed that I had to wait till I was told that my time was up to learn more about what God really is. I have found more love and understanding since I made the choice to allow God into my life. My days and nights are much better, I am tried, but yet I am sleeping at night now.
He has given me the strength to endure going back out to the flea market and helps me all day to deal with it. I have talked to old people that I have known for years and met new people at the same time.
I give some things away and sell some things, but I try most of all to have little fun doing it.It is such a pleasure to see a kid smile when you just give him or her a toy, or to get them to pay for something and let them see what it is like to pay for it themselves.
I look at it this way, it does not matter if I had to buy it or if God gave it to me, which he does that a lot of times. I enjoy seeing the happiness in a child. I did not have that pleasure from my own kids.
To set up for two days and that is really hard on me, but it gives me something to do.
I have found that God was in my heart all along, it was just that I had allowed the haters to teach me how to hate just like them, well I forgive them, because that have no idea what they are doing, in turn I have asked God for forgiveness and hope that he can find it in him to do so.
With Gods love I say Be blessed in what ever you will believe in, but it is your right to do so. Thank you for sharing my life with me.
Bobbie Jean
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I Battle Depression
This is my way of Battling Depression.


Another day is born,
Trying to wake up in this early morn.
I feel that the Lord is by my side,
I now know the feeling for him I cannot hide.

I ready use to think that life was about sex,
Maybe it was because, it was all I could get.
Now that I have found the Lord with me,
It is much easier for me to see.

My body may be full of pain,
But heart is with God, oh yes I am.
I no longer fight death,
Because I now know that God is the best that I can get.

Lord thank you for watching over me,
Yes you are all I have felt you see.
I am not afraid to die,
Because I now have the Lord on my side.

Written by me,
I am a Queen can you see.
My name is Miss Bobbie Jean,
Yes I have a dream………

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God I now have in my Life!


For years I have wanted God in my life and I thought that the only way for that was through the church and it’s christian follower, but I was wrong, I don’t need the church or those so called christian followers because for the most part they did not want me in their church in the first place. I have been call all kinds of things and even was told that I was satin himself. One preacher told his followers that I was the way the Devil would look when he came to get them and he thought that God would look like him, Ya right.
Well I don’t need them to have God in my heart and that is where I have found him. He walks with me everyday of my life and
protect ‘s me as a move forward to meet him in heaven. I am truly blessed to have the Lord my Father as my time comes to an end. I am looking forward to being with my God, my Savior.
I am not as afraid as I was when they first told me I was dying, because I feel that I am not dying but being reborn to sit with him in the everlasting.
I don’t want anyone to be sad for me, but to be happy that I am going home where I belong.
You have been a true friend to me in my time of need and hope that you will live for a long time, because you are truly blessed with Gods love.
Love is forever in Gods house. I am Miss Bobbie Jean with a dream, let God fill your heart to the brim with his kindness and love.

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My Friend and Me!

Another day has pasted,
It is getting dark at last.
I now pray the Lord my soul to keep,
Hoping that now I can sleep.
My day was long,
But I am home where I belong.
My friend is waiting for me,
His name is Mr. Beasley.
He loves to share my bed with me,
He is my dog, and he loves me you see.
He helps me find peace at night,
As I hold him next to me so tight.
I thank the Lord for my friend,
I am glad that his heart has let me in.
I am proud to say,
That I really love Mr. Beasley today.
Written by Bobbie Jean, with a dream.
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I have not had a real hug in so long, I have forgotten what it would fell like to be touched and hugged. It has really sadden me that I find myself so alone here, at the age of 64, there is really no one in me life. It is odd that when I dressed as a male and I did for everyone I had more friends, but when I changed to dress as me, for me, I have no one. Something is wrong with that, for I am the same person inside. My heart has not changed, just what I wear.
If I have done something wrong, may God please forgive me.
Miss Bobbie Jean.

Thinking about how blessed I am!

Well I went in and got a CT on my neck and my head, then I had to get a MRI on my middle back to see if I can get some shots in my spine to help with the pain since operating is not even on the table now, they are going to try to manage the pain as best they can. They are checking my brain to see what kind of damage was done when I was wounded in 1968. They are thinking that might be where my headaches are coming from. I really would like to thank those of you that are trying to help and support me through all this. I know that I was sad about dying, but now somehow I feel better about it because I am feeling like maybe I have gotten closer to God and I am ready to move to the next step in this life we live. Thank you guys so much..Miss Bobbie Jean.
This is my little piece of heaven here on this earth.







For so long I was always angry about my life being so screwed up, but some how here lately I have found that it is much easier for me to just let it go. Anger is not good for you and it just adds more stress to whatever is wrong in the first place, one does not need that.

Just a little something from me to you.




I have awaken to a new day,
I now ask the Lord to show me the way.
He knows were I am bound,
For he is the one that keeps me around.

I need to look no farther,
For it is him that is my Father.
He has shown me how to be proud,
The life I live is for him now.

Soon I will be going home,
It is with him that I belong.
For it is his will that I can see,
Sitting next to him is where I want to be.

Written by someone with a soul,
By someone who is a monster, so I have been told.
What is it about me that makes people fear what I am?
I am no different then I was as a man.

I am Bobbie Jean,
Yes I have a dream.
One race,
Called the human race.

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