Being A Transperson!

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Even though my life is coming to an end,

I cannot help but feel it’s just about to begin.

As I look up to God,

I have often wondered why, He would want me by His side.


I don’t know what I have done,

Yet, He has chosen me to be with Him as one.

Maybe it is because of what I write,

All I know is that I could join Him tonight.


Little did I know that when I was born,

That my life would be so torn.

Yet, He has kept me as one,

Maybe, He knew something about me when my life had begun.


I have given my life to Him,

That is why I feel it is about to begin.

I want to sit by His side,

I want to be with Him when I die.


Thank you Lord for my life here on earth,

You have taken me for what I am worth.

I have trusted in You, You see,

That is why I have always been able to just be me.


I cannot help but feel Your blessing my Lord and Father,

Even if I don’t live a day further.

You have given me all I need,

I say, “thank you” as I am on my knees.


So with this I say, “good night,”

Knowing that what I have done here on earth was right,

I know that I am not a perfect person,

But at least I have lived my life as a real person..


This is dedicated to the ones I love, which is you from all above.

I have truly been bless with the friends in my life, thank you all for being by my side.

Written by Miss Bobbie Jean, with a dream of one race called the human race.

©2015 – 2016 Living transgender All rights reserved



As I look up and see your light shine,

I know that soon it will be my time.

To sit next to you,

It is surely what I want to do.


You are my light ,

You help me make it through the night.

Very time when I start my day,

I know that you will show me the way.


I am yours for the world to see,

I am here just being me.

I hope that I will be seeing you soon,

Then things will be at a different tune.


In God I trust, that my life has given reason to your life.


Written by

Miss Bobbie Jean

Living a dream”

©2015 – 2016 Living transgender All rights reserved