Life is like a flower,
It doesn’t always bloom everyday.
Some bloom once in it’s life time,
That is when it gives you it’s true beauty.

We may live a life time before we show the beauty that we have with in us,
That is when we try our best, as we allow God to do the rest.
He gives us his strength to endure,
At this point God is our only cure.

I have lived this life time,
So like a flower I will show you my best.
Because this is not just for me you see,
It was Gods time that he had given to me.

Thank you my Father for what you have done. You gave me the chance to live as one.

You may feel that there is nothing left in this world here for you, but trust me God is watching everything you do. Instead of trying to end your life, try just as hard to live your life.

For years all I wanted to do was dye, now all I can think about is living. Anyone can dye, but it takes courage to live in this day and time. Be strong and brave, there is nothing you cannot do, if you are not afraid.

The love of God flows in the air, his love is everywhere.
Written by Bobbie Jean with a dream.

God and Transgenders Stand Together.
© 2015 – 2016 Living transgender All rights reserved


Finding Peace From Within!

Finding Peace From Within!
Flowers are blooming,
Spring is in the air.
Butterfly’s are flying
Catch them if you dare.
Its is time to go outside,
You can still enjoy life if you try.
We are but one in this circle of love,
The greatest love comes from above.
I thank you Lord for being with me,
You had given me the strength you see.
I think that I have do my job,
Now it is time to sit by your side.
Thank you God for taking me and making me part of thee.
Miss. Bobbie Jean.
I will always have my dream, even though I may never see it happen. Change will come for all to see, for now just be the best that you can be. Be proud of who you are and what you can become.
Written by Bobbie Jean with a dream.
God and Transgenders Stand Together.
© 2015 – 2016 Living transgender All rights reserved

Today I Have Started My New Journey!

I have sign my DNR and I have started the paper with a local funeral home. It is called “Reflections” Just how cool is that?
I met my Pastor today and when he walked in my home, instead of calling me a devil and saying that I was some kind of monster he picked me up and put me in my bed because he knew that is where I needed to be, they started my oxygen to help me breath, he called the nurse so she could help him deal with me. For the first time in my life I have a man of God on my side and by my side. Not only was he here, my counselor was here for both myself and my friend to help deal with others things as well.The nurse came to check me out and when she left she told me to do nothing, to stay in bed, so I will make this short.
All I have ever wanted in this life was to have a family that would be there at the end.I truly believe that God, with his heaven powers has given me this family.
The must important thing that I have learned today is how hard will it be for the ones we leave beyond. As I am getting myself ready for this I am doing everything I can to make it as easy for her as I can. Even as I prepare to do that I can see in her eyes just how much she cares for me. I know that it will not be easy for her to deal with. I love her with every beat of my heart. I have never had a friend such as her.
I have had a long day, so I think I’ll say goodnight to you all. I truly hope that your life as been as blessed as my life has been.I have fight a good battle here, it is time for me to go home and rest now.
God has given us the greatest gift we could ask for, himself.
Thank you my Lord and Father, You are awesome.
Miss Bobbie Jean

Thank You My Lord!


The sun has come and gone,
It doesn’t seem like it was long.
Each day as I awake,
I tell the Lord my life is his to take.

At night I try to sleep with out fear in my heart,
I feel that God has done his part.
I get to try and sleep all night,
God helps me to do that without any fright.

God has away about him,
That is why I enjoy a hymn.
To thank him for his love,
For it is the greatest from above.

Written by someone with God in their heart.
Written by Bobbie Jean, still living with the dream of a better world and better place for the human race.

This is to the love of my life, It is for you Lord, because you have protected me without any doubt. Thank you My Father for what you have done for me.

Each day life gives you the chance to change someone life for the better, be there for them and make yourself better at the same time. When you can give without wanting anything back is when you have become a true believer in God.

With love in my heart, this is where I will part. Thank you, Miss Bobbie Jean.

A New Day Is Coming For Me!

Well, I quest it is official now. A Hospice Administer came by and after two and a half hours, the papers were signed allowing them to take over my medical needs. When she left today she told me that they would be delivering oxygen to my home today, one for my home and one to take with me to the market place on the weekends. She also will be proving all my mental and spirituals needs as well, I believe that I need the last part a lot right now. I will enjoy talking to someone just about God. I think I can say that even though I have to deal with all this, I am thankful that I even had the chance to live my life the way I had chosen to. I allowed no one to stand in my way or shut me down from being the best of a woman that I could be. All I can ask for now is that I am allowed to die with some kind of respect from others just as I have respected them. Forgive me, but sometimes it is hard for me to write like this with tears in my eyes, as I look for that light from above. Let his light shine on me today. I love life every much and I am sure going to miss it.
Fill your hearts with the love ones around you every day, never allow one second of time past you by, because in short we will all surly die and the ones you will leave beyond will be the ones to feel the pain of your lost. Be their ray of sunshine.
Love you all.
Miss Bobbie Jean…..