Even in the worst of times,
There is someone’s time worst then mine.
All I have to do is look around,
There is someone always feeling down.

If you think that things are bad,
Don’t just sit there and feel so sad.
Try hard to look up to the sky,
You’ll find someone with a tear in their eye.

You are never really alone,
Because you are never really on your own.
There is a force that is with you,
It watches over everything you do.

This force is called faith,
It is something that leads the way.
You’ll find it in your heart,
It will be with you till you part.

Always try to be strong,
Because life on this earth is never to long.
Soon you will sit next to God,
Then you’ll understand why.

As I sit here and deal with my life I cannot help but see that there are people out there dealing with a lot more then me. Yes I suffer from depression almost everyday and sometimes it is worst then others, like yesterday I slept all day because it was easier for me to deal with my pain. I am one of the lucky ones, I can see what is wrong and I do what I can to deal with it, sleeping is one way to deal with depression, because while you sleep you don’t have to deal with anything, but it will still be there when you wake.

I have always wondered what my life was saved for. What is it that God wants me to do? At 63 years old all I have in my life is you, I am not living in a classy home or do I own a fancy car. I live one month at a time, but what I have come to find is that what I have is for more greater then all those things that I would leave behind, I have friends that support me in what I deal with. Depression is something that will eat at you and try to destroy everything you do, if you allow it to. One needs to remember that there is always hope for a better day. Hope for a better life out there. You are not as alone as you think you are, just look up and you will find a star.

Try to always be kind to yourself. “Never give up!”

Thanks for being a friend, maybe it is you that will save my life in the end…

Written by someone that fights depression everyday,
Written by Bobbie Jean, yes I still have my dream.
One race called the human race.