With out pain in my life where would I be?

As we get older and the pain gets worst, sometimes we may feel that dying would be a better choice. I have found if one just sits around and dwells on the pain nothing will change for you. I have been working out in my yard and yes it hurts and sometimes I find it hard to even walk when I am done with something, but what I create is beautiful and it is mine to share with others. I don’t have much money, but what I have left when I have paid my bills I use to by dirt and wood and plants to make something for my self and my friend to share. Last night I had worked so hard that she had to help me get up the steps to come inside and all I could do was eat and I just went to bed. But I had did what I wanted to do, no one forced me to do it. That is how I deal with my pain and it also helps me to deal with my depression. When I was told that I was dying and they told me that I should not do anything to strain or stress myself out, well that to me is like already being dead. My words to that was ” I want to live before I die.” I got up this morning because I was hurting so bad laying there, I have taken my pain meds and trying to get myself mentally ready to go back outside and work some more.

Somehow all my life I have wanted God it it. I have never known how to share my life with God, but now things have changed for me. I was at the Home Depot yesterday to get to sheets of plywood and there was some 2×4’s in the dent pile and they were like 70% off because they were a little bent, so I needed some to play in my yard, there were 9 of them and this old man came up and started loading them on his cart, when I said excuse me sir I am buying all them, just waiting for my friend to get a cart. He just got this sad look on his face and said ” I just need two to do something today that he was working on. I looked at him and told him That he could get his two, but I was getting the rest of them. He just looked at me and said thank you sir. I looked real hard at him and said as I reached out for his hand and told him to never call me sir, he just apologized and said he would never call me that again. He told me that he was thankful for getting them at a discount because he was poor, ( like me, LOL)
When I got to the cashier and checked out I found that I was only paying less then a dollar each for these 2×4’s They were normally 3.97 each, well to me it was like God helped me to get what I needed to play in my yard, I felted blessed that we had gone to the home depot and those boards were there waiting just for me. When I got in my van and things were loaded up I said thank you Lord for the deal He had given me today. Because of that wood I can build something in my yard to make it look better.
It is not much of a story, but it felt good to be able to share with some one today.
Well, my pain meds are starting to help me move a little so it is time for me to get dressed and started on my day, first by walking my friend, Mr. Beasley. I hope you all have a blessed Sunday and if you can today share with some one, make yourself feel better.

Remember things could be worst, you could be dead.

I am Miss Bobby Jean and Yes I have a dream of a better world for you and me.

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What is a special friend?

Someone who never ask you why.

Someone who stands with you even when you cry.

Someone who never try’s to change your mind.

Someone who is there for you all the time.

Someone that never puts you aside.

Someone who will be with you till you die.

Are you that someone (that special friend) in my life?



Written by Miss Bobbie Jean,

Yes I have a Dream,

One race called the human race.”

© 2014 – 2015 Living transgender All rights reserved



My Point of View

For the last 20 years or more I have lived my life as a woman, dealing with all the BS here around Albany GA. and for the most part I have dealt with it alone.

I have had to deal with the church’s and their hatred and discrimination, deal with a job that want more then anything to get rid of me because of the way I dressed, luckily for me I knew how to do my job and saved the company money or I would have been gone from there.

I have been called everything one could be called in the line of being a trans. I have been kicked out of place’s to live and eat or shop, yet I did not stop. I have stood up alone for anyone that feels different here in this God forsaking place where the people believe that God tells them to hate.

I have spoke to many people trying to reach out and teach them about our way of life not caring about the hatred that was given me. I only wanted to make some kind of difference in this place. I have lost everything that one could lose, not having any family or friends left. My own children has nothing to do with me and blame me for their problems.

I have never ask for any kind of recognition or acknowledgment for anything that I have tried to do. All I have ever gotten is a lot of BS from the christian and gay community, not wanting me here. The Christian say I am evil and the gays say I am to open about what I am so I can not win here.

All I have ever wanted to do is try and teach people that just because I am trans that I am not any danger to them or their children. I am not that monster that they should be worrying about. If you were to look up child Molester’s you are not going to find any trans people. You’ll find that for the most part child molester’s are teachers, preachers and people that you would call normal in your thinking. The same people that you would trust with your children are the ones that you need to be worrying about. I am not saying that all these kind of people are like that, but if you check it out you’ll find that what I am saying is right.

All I ever wanted was to let people see that we are not any different then they are. We share the same things in life and want to feel that we can live the life we need to so that we can fulfill our own lives.

I am glad to see that finally the government is starting to change their way of thinking about trans people. I know that for the most part it will not do much for me, but as the younger group of trans children come into their own lives maybe it will help them. I have gotten old and I am not of good health anymore and I get really tried out very easily now.

All I have left is the energy to work a little in my garden and try to live out the rest of what I have left as a life.
I want you all to know that I love you all and sharing my life with you has been an opportunity of a lifetime, and I want to thank you for your support.

I am feeling weak and really tried so I am going to stop now, thank you for being there for me.

I am Miss Bobbie Jean Chiasson

yes I have a dream of a better world for all of us.

© 2014 – 2015 Living transgender All rights reserved




I do not strive to be better then you, only better then myself.


We each fight our own battles in this world of ours. Some have greater ones then others, yet they are the same in each others eyes. Just because you see someone doing what they feel is right for them, does not mean that it is right for you. That is why God has empowered us with the ability to do what we must do. We are not here to accomplish the same things in life. God has given us the knowledge to be different in the way we live and think, that is what separates us from the animals that we share this world with, that is what makes us different in who we are as human beings. I do not strive to win your approval because you are not my creator. I only strive to win Gods love, because in the end he is all I am thinking of.
Bobby Jean

This is just my point of view.

There is this young real good looking man walks into a coffee shop and waits for his company to show up. Now we have a middle aged man walks in and joins the younger male. They greet with a hug and show a lot of love and joy to see each other. All of a sudden the owner walks up to the table and tells them that they are not welcome in the coffee shop. When the older man ask why, what had they done to be treated this way?

The owner now tells them that he has the right to refuse service to them on religious grounds. The older gentleman ask what religious grounds was he talking about? The owner tells them because they are gay he does not have to service them. so the two men just got up and walked out without saying another word to the owner.
When they walked outside the younger male looked at his Father and said to him, Dad we’ll just have our family Reunion at another restaurant. The Father told his son that he was proud of him for not being like the owner of that restaurant.
The point here is they have only hurt themselves because of their own ignorance.