With God On My Mind.


Each day I start a new day with you on my mind,

I find that it is you I’m thinking of all the time.

You have filled my heart with love,

Because you are sending me this love from above.


Even thought I grow weaker, you make my spirit grow stronger,

I know that my heart will not last much longer.

You have given me a life to remenber,

Soon you will give me a new life to enter.


I have come to know you a lot more,

I’m hopping soon you will open Heavens door.

For I have lived the best that I could,

I know that you were with me where ever I stood.


Please my Lord take me into your heart,

That is a place that I will never part.

I give my heart and soul to you this day,

With you in Heaven is where I want to stay.


To my friends, I know that my life will soon end and each day I feel that I will miss you more as I get closer to heavens door. I want you to know how much I care for you being here in my life this day. I sure did not want to die alone, and you have given me a place I can call home. I want to thank each and everyone of you for being here and doing what you do. With all my love and will let you go, I am sure you have more important things to do I know.

With love from me to you, I am Miss Bobbie Jean with a dream of a better world for all we know.



Good morning to my friends here.


Hope that your days are bright and the light from God shows through them.

As you can see I am having troble here dealing with a frined that has said they would get care of me, yet the truth is coming out and now she doesn’t want to dio what neeeds to be done to care form me. Somehow she still doesnot believe that I am as bad off as I make out to be. I started helping her out in the yead lately and now she thinks that I can do that all the time. What she doesn’t get that when I am helping her I am still dealing with the oain and suffering, but I try not to show it as much. All I want is that when I do leave from here is to not have all this pilled up on top of her so that she can start off freast. When I am helping, I am still hurting and sometimes I can’t rvrn move aroundbut thst does not even matter to her.What she doesn’t get, it is my money that is cover all the bills right now and I see no change in that. I have tried to work it out where we may just be able to hold our heads up above water line, but that will take a lot of wrok to do that. I don’t think that she see’s when I paid for something that was muscial, it didn’t matter it beaan hers jusr becauseshe is a munican and even if I paid for it, it is hers now, I see it as I paid for it that still makes it mine, but we will not go there ritgh now. I don’t know why she thinks she can do this on her own.

Now she is refusing to take care of me and doesn’t care where I in up at. My heart is broken and I can’t think clearly anymore, so what do I do from here?

I am not even sure what meds I did take this morning, brcause all I can see is that I want to die and the sooner the better.

It seems to me that right now she is my worst enemy and I don’t know just how much more I can trust her to take care of me. She blames everything on me, because she doesn’t knowe how to tate the blame for herself.

I live as a transwoman ans that too is a problem with her, she thanks that is is all just a game to her. She onlylikes to dress for fun, where I dress to live. I am not sure where thois will end for us, but things are just getting worst.

It doesn’t matter that I love her but it matters to me becauase I have no place else to go. I am asking God to show us through this and try to make it better, not sure how that will work out.

I am very stressed out right now and I have taken more meds then I should have.

Please try to understand where I am at in all this, that you Miss Bobbie Jean.

Let Your Light Shine!


Each day a wake,

I have given you my soul to take.

For it is you that I shine,

It is you I have given my time.


You are my Father,

It is you I’ll look no farther.

You have given me life,

Because of you that’s what I am about.


When I pray, I pray to you,

Now I will be giving my life back to you.

I have tried to do my best,

Now it is for you to do the rest.


Living this life of mine,

You are in my though’s all the time.

God for you I have been true,

Because soon I want to be sitting next to you.


Just a little prayer for you,

Because I love you and that is true.

I can only pray that your life is good to day.

God will watch you on your way.


Please be safe on your weekend of fun.


Written by someone with a dream, A dream of