Good morning again my friends.

Good morning again my friends.

As I can only thank My Lord and Father for another day here on this earth. I can only feel the love and support from you and others like you.
As my day begins and I try to move forward on this journey I am on, I can feel the goodness that Gods shows me.
It is like a flower blooming for it’s very first time, knowing that it has given it’s best for me to see. This is Gods love for me, that he and only he can give me.
Remember to always know that no matter where or what you are dealing with, there is always someone that is having a much worst day then you are. Be kind to those that have less, just as you would be kind to someone that has everything. You will feel better for it.
Miss Bobbie Jean.


Good morning my friends.

Good morning my friends.

Another day has come my way,
I am happy to say “Thank you Lord for this day”.
I not only give thanks to you for what you do for me,
but I want to thank you for all there is to be.

Not only have you blessed me,
You have blessed everything as far as I can see.
I watch as you bless my friends,
That tells me you will be with them till the end.

With all my love which comes from my heart

Miss Bobbie Jean

Still trying live.

Just getting home from being in the hospital since last Sunday, been a long week for me.

It was a rough week for me. they have had to up all my fluid pills and even add some more. I have gone to an all soft food diet. I have to spend all the time I can on my oxygen and try to smoke a lot less. The nurse said that she had never seen anyone with that much fluid, it was everywhere. I was actuality drowning in my own fluid. She told my friend that we should live each day as if it were my last because that is about it was my last. I really though that I was going last Sunday and Monday I just could not breath nor catch my breath, it didn’t matter what I did. then our power went out and when it came back on, we did not have 220 for air. they told us that if we could fix the air I would not be allowed to stay in our home, so she had to fix that BS because we could get the air running again. Like I said it has been one hell of a week. I may even have to stop going to the market place every time. I will admit that I was afraid when I could not breath any more. She said we need to put everything else aside and try to enjoy each for the rest of my time.

I will say one thing here I have really felt better knowing that I can and have forgiven my enemy’s for all their hatred.

Miss Bobbie Jean

Doing the best I can just to be with you.

not able to do much these days, my condition is not good. I was only able to get about 2 and 1/2 hours of sleep last night. I really don’t have anyone to blame for this mess I am in, because I have gone out of my way all my life to to more then anyone should do in a days work, but I was taught to work for what I have and living poor makes one have to push the limits at times.
I can only hope that something that I have told someone one of those days has helped them to understand what life is about and that when I say stand up for your rights, always remember to keep yourself and your loved one safe.
I was just chatting with my friend about how I was just last summer planting and digger in my front yard to fill it up with flowers, Now that they are blooming all I can do is look out my window to try and see them, can’t even get out there to smell any of them. But at lease I can still see them that is a blessing in itself. thank you God for that.
It has taken me all week just to get here and say this. Love you all my friends.
Miss Bobbie Jean

Thank You!

Bobby Jean Chiasson I can not help but feel so blessed in my life today, because not only have I found my Lord and God, I have also been able to find some very awesome friends, thanks again and again for being here for me at my last, I was so afraid of fining myself alone at this point and time. There are times when just getting back to my PC and finding that you have been here for me all this time, is truly more then I could ever ask for. With a greater love then you will ever know, Gods love

My Last Bed!

Well I got the last bed that I will ever own. I got my hosipal bed yesterday and used it last night. I believe that it was time, not just for me, but so that my friend can get some rest as well.
Really rough week for me and not much being able to move around any. Just want to let you guys know that I am still here with you even though it’s not as much now.

Miss Bobbie Jean.