Being Real!

Everyday I see a lot of crap about the LGBT community and about people like Bruce Jenner, being so brave and doing so much to inspire others. I have lived as a woman here in the deep south teaching others about what we are and that we are not the monsters that we are made out to be. I have stood for half of my life fighting for my rights to live my life the way it was best for me. I have done this without any kind of help for any community and I did not live my life as a lie then all of a sudden drop a bombshell over peoples head. Till this day the only support that I have ever gotten from anyone is in the friends that I have met here. But here in the real world things are different I have to deal with people face to face and I am still hated just for being me and wearing the clothes that make me who I am. I am not trying to say that I am some kind of hero or anything like that I just feel like it was those of us that made a stand and fought everyday of our lives to make this a better place for trans people. Everyday I see where a trans gender has been murderer just for being a trans, that is the kind of fear that we have to deal with everyday. people like Bruce Jenner will never have to live in a life of fear. There are place’s where I am still not allowed in to shop or eat, because I am a trans. I’ll bet Bruce can go anywhere he wants to go. Oh and I call him Bruce and he, because this person did not want to ever become a women till he needed a new way to make money.


Though for today. Believe in what is in your heart and always let the world see the truth about who you really are because anything else is just a lie.

Bobbie Jean


One thought on “Being Real!

  1. i always enjoy your writing. Your thought for the day is such wonderful advice but it could only be given by someone who knows what it is to suppress what is in her heart for such a long time before finally being able to release the princess that is with in.

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