A Flower Of Life!


Life is like a flower, it blooms and shows it’s beauty, but when the bloom is done, the plant still lives on. I will live on through you, you are my plant, so just because I will not be able to bloom anymore, I will still be with you.
I don’t ask for anything here, but support from my friends. Sometimes I do not comment on my post after I have posted it, but I do read all the comments that are left for me to see and they mean a lot to me, just don’t know how to answer some of them.
I would like to thank those of you that really care about me, I have always had this fear of dying alone, will because of you and what has happen here I am not alone anymore. I don’t have a family that cares for me and anytime someone has tried to be my friend in real life, others think that they are gay or something like that, so I don’t have any real friends here where I have lived for 30 years of my life, but because of the internet I can have friends and family all over the world. So let me thank you all for being my friend, it is important that ones dies with friends.

Thought for today!
Sometimes in life a friend is found in the strangest places and you just haven’t looked their way, to let them shine on your day, so look around you, maybe today is that day you will look their way.

Written by Miss Bobbie Jean sharing a dream of a better tomorrow.

All lives matter, not just yours.


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