When I pray!

When I pray My Lord ,I pray to you,

I give thanks for all the things you do.

You are my strength that helps me through my day,

You give me the courage to make it another day.


With-out you in my life I would be nothing,

You even help me deal with all my suffering.

I am not sure why you keep me around,

But you are My King for you are wearing the Crown.


I have given you my soul,

It is the only way I can get into Heaven I am told.

I have put my trust in you My Lord,

You are my Father, oh yes you are.


I give all my love to you,

Not jut for doing what you do, but for just being you.

On this day I ask for your forgiveness,

You gave us your Son to free us.


You are the Father , the Son, and the Holy Spirit,

You will lift me up to be by your side,

That is where I’ll be when I die.


I want to give thanks to my God for becoming part of my life, before I was lost and now I am found, I think I want to keep you my God around. I hope that you are having a Blessed day and something will come your way. I have found God in my heart and I will never let him part.

Find it in your heart to be kind to someone today, help them if you can in your own way. Not everyone is Blessed as you may be, so try to make a better life for them, you see.

Hope you have a great day.

I am Miss Bobbie Jean , and yes I still have this dream of a better world for all to see.


Life Is What It Is!

Life Is What It Is!

Sometimes in life we don’t get what we expect to get, but we have to settle for what we have. All my life I have wanted to be a woman and I have lived up to that the best I could. Sometimes things were good and sometimes thing were not so good.All I really want was be to passable enough to get by and find someone that would just love me for who I am. I tried hard to be the best at what I am and even at that I still didn’t always make it. I had chance’s in my life to be more, but for one reason or another I had to put a hold on my life to help someone else.Sometimes we find ourselves doing something like that, maybe it is what one would call love, I know that is why I did what I did, it was for love for another human being that I shut my life down for a while.When one does something like that it is harder to get make started again and move forward. I have had to start over a few times and each time was harder then the last time, but I found my way to make it happen. I have on regrets about doing what I done for that person yet I really wish that I didn’t have to do it in the first place.I loved who I was but I also love the person that I made the change for. I think it is important to know what your real choice’s are in the first place and then try to make the right ones. I always though I was a failure as a man, but I have found that I didn’t do so good as a woman either. I only know that I did the bet I could do on matter what the end was. About the only thing I can say here is use your own mind and try to make the right choice’s for yourselves no anyone else, you’ll find that you will have enough to worry about with-out worrying about what others may think of you.

Just remember that this is your life and you are the one that will have to deal with what ever it brings you. This is just my point of view.
I am Miss Bobbie Jean with a dream of a better tomorrow for us all.

Bobbie B 010

Living As A Transgender

HI, hope to find you in god health and doing the best you can these days. I have noticed that when I was younger there were no such things as She male and and tyranny’s. The were called lady-boys and T-girls. As time passed by they begin to call themselves as She-males and tyranny girl. Wear as little of clothing that they could get away with out on the streets. Then all of a sudden the words Transgender came into play, now these same guys that were dressing for porn started dressing to want to become a transgender and be labeled as such, well they were still only cross -dressers that dressed the part of a sexy porn star just to get the attention, it was not about be transgender at all. That was just another name that they could use to pass in society’ world.
Believe me if you are a true transgender you will know because it is not something that just started yesterday, it has been buried deep inside you for many years. Myself, I knew when I was just a child back in junior high, I did not have to make that choice it was made for me., when I could not find myself dressing in the the boys locker room at school, I knew that I was different then the rest of the guys, but I could change what I was, nor could I change what I was becoming. When I was in my earlier teens there was not talk of be gay or of dressing up like a girl, so I had to deal with it and being in the country was even worst. Maybe in the big cities things were easier to deal with, but out here in the country it was like a one on one basic’s and you you had to deal with it that way, one on one. I remember there were a couple of guys that I had fallen in love with, but I did not dare to say anything in front of them, because it could have meant my life, so I just loved the from a for and was happy to share some kind of life with them. I had fallen head over heels for this one guy, but he was also my best friend, but when I came out to him, All I did was lose him as a friend and a lover and had nothing in the end. All I can remember is that is broke my heart and it took me a long time to get over that one., he was so handsome, tall, with long blonde hair and I real think that I loved him with all my heart, I do know that he care for me, because we lived together for weeks before we broke it off, we finally got back to be friends again, but it was a long time in the making. By that time I had stated living with a girl and everything had changed for us, we never did try anything like that again. All I ever want to o was live as a girl with a guy by my side and even though I was not dressing that is what I was doing. I cooked for him and took care of hie in all the ways a woman would do, I was happy in those days. But then the shit hit the fan when his Father came over and told him that he would have to come back to work for him, it was over then. I really did love him.

Remember this is just my point of view, I am Miss Bobbie Jean, with a dream of a better tomorrow and a better world for us to live in.” One Race Called The Human Race”