God’s Way!

I love you, it is because of you I have done the things I do…..
To be different is to be special, because people that are different have this beauty inside them that only some people can see. To be one of those people, you must have a kind heart and an open mind. To be one of those people one must have the ability to see with their hearts and not just with their eyes. To be able to share ones life with a person that is different sometimes can and will be hard, but your love for this person will make it all wroth while in the end. In today’s world and time, it is hard to help someone because of being judged for it, Let he not be your judge for only God can judge you, do what is right in Gods eyes, not mankind’s eyes, because sometimes men walk with blinders on.

Love thy neighbor like you would love thyself.

Miss Bobbie Jean


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