I Salute You Solider!

I Salute You Solider!
Bombs exploding all around me,
Oh where oh where can I be.
I am in a war you see,
Fighting for the right to be free.
We were young, to young to buy beer,
Yet it was okay to leave the ones we loved so dear.
Yes we were really young when that life begun,
I was just 17 when they gave me that gun.
The first thing that showed us was how to kill,
All they wanted was for us to take that hill.
Many young men had to die,
Many young Mothers had to cry.
Yes we fought in a war,
Just so you could have freedom where you are.
Till this day we don’t know why,
So many young men had to die.
Written by an ex-Marine, Miss Bobbie Jean.
Vietnam Vet 1969-1970
Let us never forget a Vet. And what they done for you and me, somewhere over the sea’s.
The Vietnam Vet was the worst treated Vet that ever came home from a war. Please let us now give them their due, it is really up to you.
Thank you for your time. Miss Bobbie Jean.

With Love

With Love


The sun is shining high in the sky,

for that I know not why.

Because I am feeling all so blue,

It surly because I’ll be missing you.


You have filled my life with joy,

With you I’ve been like a kid with a new toy.

You have always been close to me,

I’ll surly be glad when I’ll be with thee.


I feel you are in my heart,

Soon there will be nothing keeping us apart.

You have filled my soul,

With a love from Heaven I am told.


Soon I’ll be walking with My God,

It has taken me a long while.

To know that you are there,

I now know that you are everywhere.


Little did I know,

That soon it would be my time to go.

Now I am sure to be with the one I love,

I can’t wait to be with My God above.


I Thank My Lord God everyday, he has surly shown me the way to a life that I have never known. I know now that when I leave here I will be going home.

Written by Miss Bobbie Jean

I hope and pray that you are having a great day. The new year is coming around soon there will be snow on the ground, please take care of yourself and please try to help someone else.

With a love from above, you are all I am thinking of.

Thank you

Miss Bobbie Jean Chiasson.

My Life As It Is Today!

My Life As It Is Today!

As I sit here in my wheelchair know that my life is ending, I can not help but wonder why there is so much hate in the world today. I have lived as a Trans for most of my life and I have seem the hatred all around me everyday. I believe it is because I am different then they are and they don’t understand what it’s like to have to live like this. If anyone thinks that it is easy to be different they are wrong, because being different comes with a price. To be me I have had to give up on family and friends because they chose to judge me because of what I felt I needed to be. I was born this way, I did not ask to be like this and have these feelings of wanting to live my life as a woman. They were just there and it was hard at first for me to hide them, but there came a day when I could hide them no more. I had to let the female side of me come out to the world so they could see that I was really a girl. I may have made some mistakes as I moved forward, but I move forward anyway. I lost everything I had because people though if they could make me feel like I had nothing I would change my way of life, but it only made me want to show them that I was the way I am and there was nothing that I could do about that. I had to change myself into a girl, at least as much as I could anyway. I took the pills for my breast until I had a heart attack and could not take them anymore, and my chance’s of ever having a sex change had become impossible because of my health, so now I can only live as a Transwoman. I have no regrets about the way is because of that, but I wish I would have had the chance of living as a real woman before I die.

I know that not everyone has had the chance that I have had and there are some that surely have lived a better life then I have, This is for the ones that never get the chance to dress out in public and show the world that you really are a girl. I know that things will get better, but it will take a lot of hard work and a lot of time for the world to see the way we see it to be. Right now they just see us as monsters or someone that would hurt them or their children, but I have no want to do either of them to anyone. I love kids as long as you take them home with you, don’t leave them here with me, I don’t want any. I am sure that you think that you will never be able to live and dress the way you want or need to dress but it will come.

The point here is to never give up on your hopes and dreams of being that woman you feel you need to be. One day there will be only one sex anyway and it will be female, because males are almost unneeded in this world of ours. We will be like the Frogs and lizards that have only one gender before it’s over with.

I can only hope that one day you can and will fill your dreams.

Thank you, Miss Bobbie Jean


This is what I really look like today.

2017-12-28 13.43.31-2

Giving Thanks.

God has given me the gift of life and I am thankful for that has he will also give me the gift of Heaven when my time comes to be with him. I am most grateful for that as well. God is love and I know that he loves us all. I give praise to Jesus for giving his life for my sins and make me free to enter into Heaven.Amen!

I Battle With Depression

I Battle With Depression.

Good evening to you and here’s hopping that your day is better then mine is. First of all I would like to thank those of you that read my words and understand what it is that I have to deal with everyday of my life here.

Yes I am in constant battle with depression because of my health and the way I feel all the time. It is not easy to have to know that I am dying and I need to be taken care of like a child. I would love to still be able to take care of myself, but because of the condition I am in that is something I can no long do. I can say that for the most part I had a fair and some what good life, but there are times when it is not so good anymore. I have not been out of this house for sometime now and don’t see where I will be going anywhere in the future, that means that I will die right here without going anywhere. Life for me now is just a waiting game and there is not a lot I can do about that. I write to try and help me deal with this, but even at that sometimes writing is not enough to help me. The days are long because all I can do is sit here and think about this. I have no friends that come over to visit with me and no one calls anymore because everyone is so busy with their lives. I am sure that they have a life, not like mine where there are others to be with, so they don’t have time for someone like me in it. The only thing good I have in my life today is that I have found God and know now that he does love me, no matter what I wear. He never judge’s me for anything like that. If it were not for God in my life there would be no one. I know that it is hard for you to read what I write about and sometimes you may not know what to say, well think about the way I feel when I write about it, it is hard for me to tell the world that I have a problem like this, but I know that I am not alone here. There are many others out there dealing with depression and have no one to tell, or to talk to about it. I can understand that they would not want to tell the world about it, but sitting there alone is not a good thing for anyone, so try to reach out and tell someone how you feel and maybe you can find a friend that will take the time to talk with you. Remember you must never give up that hope of a better tomorrow because anything can change for you and make it a better day. One never knows what God will do for you, I know that he has made my life better and I know he can do the same for you, if you allow him into your heart. You have to feel him in your heart to find that love that he can and will share with you. When I start feeling down I tell myself that “God is love” and I say that over and over till I am not thinking about the bad in my life anymore, because God is love and he loves all of us the same.

I know that I am not one of those people that you like to read about, but my life is just one step above living in a nursing home, the doctors have stopped trying to help me because all they see is that it would be a waste of time to try and do anything for me, because I’ll just die anyway, so they have stopped try to help me feel better just trying to deal with the pain in my life. All I am today is like money in the bank, every month they get paid for doing nothing.

I think I will go with that and hope that if you need help with depression, that you will find it out there. Hope you have a blessed day.

Thank you Miss Bobbie Jean.

Living As A Transgender.

Never Give Up”

Hard time of the year for a lot of people. Hotline 800-273-TALK (8255). A simple copy and paste might save someone’s life. Would 3 of my Facebook friends please copy this post? #suicideawareness

The Gift Of Life.

The Gift Of Life.

As I sit here in my wheelchair instead of my rocking-chair and giving Thanks to My lord God for my life here, I can not help but wonder why I would be giving that thanks. My life has not been that great from the start,being born into poverty and never having more then the clothes on my back it seen to reason that I would be more angry then glad. But I would not have had the chance to live as a slave to society and see what that was like, or to be in a war and come home to a country that wanted nothing to do with me, because they called me a baby killer and throw bricks at me when I was in uniform. Then I lived with women that only wanted to use me to better themselves and leave me with nothing., even trying to kill myself a few times to try and get out of this life I was living. So there was not a lot for me to be thankful for all those years. All I want out of life was to live free from all that, but it was not to be, maybe it was the Lords way of showing me just how bad the real world out there was so that one day I could write about it. Well I write now to say that it does not matter how bad things may look out there life is still worth living. Today I give thanks to my God because I now know why he has put me here. I now live my life just as I had wanted to for a long time, I live as a woman and will live that way till the day I do die. Nothing can take that away from me anymore. I no longer have to deal with the people out there that really hated me for what I am and then refused to deal with me because it was against something that they believed in, well we all have the same God and if then were true Christian in the first place then they would not have had a problem with me, because true believers in God don’t judge others for what they are. I have always believed that it is better to show ones true colors then to lie all their lives, just as I have shown my true colors. I don’t claim to be perfect, but I am not unperfect. I have sinned just like the next guy but I have tried to do the best I could all my life, be it good or bad, it’s all I had to give.

Today I sit here thinking that I am glad that I did not kill myself when I tried to because I would not have learn all that I have. The most important thing I have learned is that, there is a God and he loves all of us the same, not you any more then me or anyone else, the same.

As I sit here giving thanks I now know that God was there all the time for me, I just didn’t look at it that way. I didn’t think that God would care about someone like me living as a woman, but being transgender is not a sin, it is just a way of life for some of us and we can not change what we are, sure we can fight it, but for how long, I tried to do just that and all it did was made me so sick that I didn’t want to live anymore, so I had to do what was right for me, no matter what it cost me, and it cost me a lot, more then you’ll ever know. Now I am alone because of it, because no one wants to be friend in fear of being call gay or something worst then that. I never could understand how anyone could become gay just by knowing someone that is, do you know of it ever happening? One is only gay if they were born that way. I believe that I was born a woman in a mans body, but I could not change that on my own and now it is to late for me to do so.

I think the point that I am trying to make here, is that it really doesn’t matter how bad your life may have been or is now today there is still hope for all of us. I believe that God loves me and protects me from all that would harm me. I am not living the best of life right now because of the pain and suffering that I have to endure, but Jesus Christ had to suffer a lot more then I have for my sins, yes he could have called Ten thousand Angels, but all he did was ask that God, his Father forgive them for they knew not what they were doing. I am not God nor am I Jesus, but I to ask God to forgive those that have wronged me in anyway. I now live for God and I will die for him, but I will die free of sin, because he has given me the power to forgive and the knowledge to know how to do that.

I give thanks to my Lord God for the Gift of life that I have had and hope will go on for a little longer. I praise you my Lord with my writings and ask for forgiveness of my sins, In Jesus Christ name I now say Amen!

Written by Miss Bobbie Jean



I pray to my Lord God that he watches over me and that one day I to will be sitting in Heaven with him.

In the name of the Father, Son and the Holly Ghost I say Amen.



Hard time of the year for a lot of people. Hotline 800-273-TALK (8255). A simple copy and paste might save someone’s life. Would 3 of my Facebook friends please copy this post? #suicideawareness

Fit For A King.

I share my life.


Tis was the day that Christ was born,

There was no room at the Inn so it was in a barn.

There were three wise men, gifts they did bring,

These gifts were only fit for a King.


Jesus was our gift from God,

At that time we knew not why.

But God knew that Jesus’s life was to be,

Given to us to set us free.


Today I am free of my Sins,

It is because God has let me in.

He has allowed me to be by his side,

He has a place for me when I die.


Everyday I ask for forgiveness,

He does so because he loves us.

One day soon I will be free,

I’ll be sitting in Heaven with thee.


Written Miss Bobbie Jean.

Even though there are no gifts under my tree, I can not help but feel that God has given the best one for me. I know now that my life has just begun, because God has given me his only Son. He was nailed to the cross, just so our souls would not be lost.

I give thanks to My Lord and soon I’ll be with you where you are.

Happy Holidays from me to you.

Miss Bobbie Jean.