I Battle Depression

I hate the night time because it is the worst time. I lay in my bed trying to get some rest but find myself trying to breath and I can’t. It is times like that that I just wish it would all end and be over with. I have to get up four or five times a night to do my breathing treatment to help me. Around four am I end up getting up because I can’t breath anymore. I find that if I sit in my chair it is easier to breath so that is where I end up at the rest of the night.
But even though I think that my life is hard there are some out there in worst shape them me. I know that I am dying and I also know that there is nothing left for them to do for me but try to make me comfortable.
I know that living in a depressed state of mind all the time is a hard way to live, but one needs to remember that on matter how bad you think your life is, there is someone out there that is worst then you, you could be dead, then you could not complain about living.

Try getting out in your yard or going somewhere and reaching out to others, just sitting around in your dark home will not help you any.
Hope you have a good day……