Living as a Transwoman in South Ga.


Hi, Hope that your life has been good to you and you get to enjoy some of it being who you really are.
I have been having problems in my life here and lost what I was doing in the first place. I try to let people know what a transgendered person is really like. I have been dressing as a woman for a long time and it has been rough here in South Ga. where I live. When I started here trying to teach these people that being a transgender is not something that should be treated with no respect because we are people to, just like they are. I know that it is hard for someone to come out here. There is no place for us to go and have fun like in other places Here anyone can ban us from even shopping with them and that is wrong, because we have the right to shop where we want to, but not here. I have worked as a woman on a real job for 6 years and that was when it all started for me. I would get hate mail for people like the the men in the white sheets and other hate groups here in the South, but I knew that when I started this journey. All I really want to do was just live out my life as much of a woman that I could and just wanted to find me a nice man that would have been proud of me and loved me for what I was, A Transwoman.
I know that many of you have this fear of losing everything you have if you come out, and I am sure that for some of you that would be true. There are times when I wish I had staid the way I was and not came out all at one tine. That is what caused all the trouble in the first place, because I shocked them and the only thing they could was react to my action. I wanted people to see me, how else can you teach someone about what someone looks like unless you can see them.
I made movies and set up at the flea-market and things really got bad out there but it was all my fault because I dressed as a trans woman. They wanted me to dress as a guy, yet they didn’t even know what I was, they just saw me in a dress and figure I was a man so they attacked me from that point on.
I know that it is not easy to come out no matter where you are from and things can get bad for some. If I had known that I would lose everything I had, maybe I would not have come out myself, but we really don’t know what will happen. I lost my family and all my friends and people I didn’t even know hated me. I could not even stop and buy gas with out someone trying to start a lot of BS. So I know more then most what it is like to be on the losing end.
All I can say is that if you are comfortable living as you are and not being able to bring yourself to living the life you should be living then good for you, but you are the real loser by trapping yourself into that life style.
It is my point of view that we should all live the life that we are meant to live.

I think that I will stop now, getting tried of typing.
I want to say May God bless you, no matter what life style you live.
Thank you, Miss Bobbie Jean.