It’s a beautiful morning, with the sun raising over the hills. The fields are in bloom with the wild flowers they grow for seed here . It is so pretty this time of year with the new born rays of sunshine that fills the air flowing with a light morning fog.

Never have I found such a beautiful place to sit and read, or maybe draw a picture of you. I can smell the daisies, they seem to stand out above the rest, I so love daisies.

There is a cool breeze blowing as it makes waves over the fields, the flowers are dancing in the wind as the birds sing for me here. This is my safe place, where I can hide and dream. Here I can be anything that I choose to be, because Here is where dreams are made. Come sit with me, join me by my-side. Let us get to know each other and share our thoughts and dreams. For I have found you to be charming in your ways, caring in your heart and above all you are different than anyone I have ever met and it is truly exciting just to look at you and to hear your voice is like no other I have ever heard.

As you whisper your name, the birds sing softer and follow your lead, as the wind carries your words over the fields of blooming flowers adding color to your world around you. Reach out, touch the wind, feel the life that flows in the air around you, you are the very beginning of that new life. Everything that you see, feel, touch, hear, is different in so many ways, that is what makes the world turn under your feet.

Never before, have I seen and touched such beauty as yours. I have never smelt a flower such as you. Hearing your voice in the wind fills my heart with your love. You are my inspiration for all that I do, I can not compare the heavens above because only you have shown me your love. It is you that takes my breath away when you whisper to me at night, It is you that fills my heart with a new life. It is you that has touched me and allowed me to feel your pain and hear your cries. It is you that has given me my strength and my courage to write and feel and live again. It is you, That I have fallen in love with. It is you that has truly captured my heart and my love. For it is you my companion that shares this life with me. It is you my friend that watches over me. It is you my soul mate that fills me with a spirit that I can not and will compare to any I have seen.

You are the very universe that I live in and I am in your world, when I look up at night, the stars are your eyes shining down and watching over me. You have overwhelmed my life itself. It is you my love that comes to me from heaven above. Because it is only you that I think of.

As we have sat here today, we have come to know each other just one step more. All my life I have never been able to do what I do now, It is only because of my friend and partner in what ever it is we do. Before you came into my life I was nothing, today I am a writer with a story to tell. I am a Dreamer with a hope to fill someones heart. I am that love that can not and will not be stopped from spreading over the world as we know it. For you I stand and I say Enough with the judging of any human beings.

I have found what it is that you want me to do my Lord and Father, You want me to speak just for you Lord to tell my stories.


Inspired by you my God, because you are different then anyone else.
Written by Bobbie Jean,
Yes I have a dream…..
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There is a place waiting for my return, it is the land of the free.

In the beginning, I was born in the land of Ice.
My heart was so cold that everything I touched turned into Ice.

It is a place where there is no hope left for the oppressed or relief from the pain. Where a warm heart does not exist for most, where death and despair over rules all that is there.

I live in a Ice Castle in the sky,
I have a love for you and I don’t know why.
The Castle is in the Clouds far above,
That’s where I am feeling your love.

I have not been true to myself,
Blaming all that is wrong on someone else.
It is time for me to live again and return,
My freedom I have earned.

The ice is melting because of you,
It was all the things that you say and do.
I have no love greater then this,
I need to let myself go, if that is your wish.

The Ice Castle is the land of depression and all hope can be lost. It is time for me to move on and try to forget what makes me depressed.

We all find ourselves feeling that way sometime, but it is the support of friends that help us walk through that.



Written by Bobbie Jean,
Yes I have a dream…..

 Everything I do is sponsored by Living Transgender.

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Thinking Of You..You are Not Alone..

Thinking Of You..You are Not Alone..


When I smell the flowers I think of you,

You are part of my life because of what you do.

When I am lonely,

You show me that I am not alone.

When I am sad,

You give me a reason to be glad.

When I need a friend ,

You are there till the end.

When I am having a bad time,

That is when you really shine.

It is times like this,

That I have really missed.

You have been true to me,

I will want to be in heaven with Thee.

I am Miss Bobbie jean,

Yes I surely have a dream…

What I write is for my friends and fans. These are thoughts that come from my head. I feed I need to write because if I don’t I too would feel alone. It is my friends and fans that keep me moving on…Kisses to you all.

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