Why is it that God has given us this beautiful place we call Earth and our home?
Man has hunted for years upon years for another place where we could live and move forward yet they have not found any such place, so why does man continue to destroy this world that we all need to be sharing as one.
I believe that God has given us this world as for us to grow and be ready for our time with him. He wants us to share in his eternal life and sit by his side in the heavens above. We would not have like it if it were dark and all gray, instead it is full of beauty and the light shines down from the heavens to show us the way. It is a place where we can grow and become one with our creator, but first we must become one with ourselves, we have to know that it is only in our power to change things for the better, if mankind does not stand together, all will fall for that. It does not matter where one is from or even who you are, what matters is this world that we all have to and need to be sharing with each other. Man has try for thousands of years to destroy this plant by overpowering his enemy, well hows has that been working for them. Maybe it is time to change the way things are done. Try caring and helping, by sharing and giving, makes you a better person and if people are happy they tend to move forward.

Though for today.
So all in all I believe that one should take the time to “smell the rose’s” because with out them there would be no life.

I know that some of you just think that I am nothing, well maybe in your eyes I am, but in my eyes I see hope and love, understanding and forgiveness, I see a world full of such beauty like man has never seen, you see I know I am going to heaven when my time ends here, because I have already served my time in hell. I have seen many things in my life, death and hunger, but at the same time I have seen life and joy. This is a hard world we live in, but it is for us to make it better for those that follow us, that will one day walk in our foot steps. I can only say that I hope that I have left some foot steps to walk in.

Thank you

Written by Miss Bobbie Jean..with a dream.


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