I wrote this because I think about my mom and the way she walked out of my life.
It is times like this that I miss her more then others and the depression is far more painful.

Just a little something for the true Mom’s out there….


Moms care for you many years,
When you cried , she wiped away your tears.
She was the woman in your life,
Till that day you took a wife.

She was there for you when you needed love,
You knew that she was sent to you from the heavens above.
You knew that one day you would have to fill her shoes,
Because being a mom is what you would choose.

No matter what you are,
Your mom is the best by far.
She took you under her wing,
To allow you to grow and do your thing.

It is a woman’s dream to be a Mom,
To share in your life from the day you are born till now.
So love your Mother,
Because she will love you above all others………..

Written by someone that would have given their life to be a Mom in this life….Bobby Jean…

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