My point of few!

I am having trouble dealing with a few things about God, as I get closer to my end there are questions like, at what point did sex go from ” Go forth and multiply” to sex is nothing but a sin in the eyes of The church and all those that follow Gods rule. Being a porn star at one time in my life, does that now make me just a sinner in the eyes of God or have I been forgiven for what I have done, it’s like do I now go to hell because some Christians thank that I should? Feel free to comment on this.
Miss Bobbie Jean
Never let what I say change the way you think or feel, I can only hope that the things that I do say just bring something more into your life. I would never say anything to hurt you in any way. If I have, I can only pray that God shows me that I have.
Thank you for being a friend to someone like myself, it means a lot in these times of need.

Trying to hold on to life!


With my heart being as weak as it is I am finding it hard just to keep my eyes open now. Even after sleeping for hours and hours I can hardy stay awake.

I tried to make some coleslaw the other day but by the time I cut up the cabbage could not go anymore I had to stop, with tears in my eyes I had to come to the fact that I could not even do something that is so easy to you. I am getting weaker everyday and finding it harder to just get by. In a way I will be glad when the time comes for me to move on, this is hard for me to deal with all the time.

Would like to say thanks for being here with me and know that my thoughts will always be with you.

Miss Bobbie Jean

Remember to love one another like there is no tomorrow,
because there just might not be one.

Thinking of You!

Thinking of You!

I can not stop thinking about you,
It must be all the things you say and do.
When I can not find that joy in my life,
It is you that I start thinking about.

You are my shining star,
That is what makes you who you are.
When I am down and out,
You are all I can think about.

Thank you for being just who you are,
with all my love.
Miss Bobbie Jean.

With my last breath of air, I will be thinking about you.



As I sit here in my bed, knowing that I will miss you for
the things you do. I can not feel free because I can not do what I need to do.
I am taking everything that they give me to take, but still it is not enough to save the day. Sometimes it is all I can do, just by writing these few words to you.
At this point in my life it is all I can do just to say that I love you and thank you all for your show of support for me.
May your life be as full as it can be, And I hope that I will be able to remember you like I want you to remember me.
Thank you my dearest of friends, will love you till the end.
Miss Bobbie Jean

As I Wake!

As I wake this morning and say hello to you,
I can only thank my God for what I can still do.
It may not seem so much to you,
but for every breath I take sometimes it is all I can do.
I thank my Lord for giving me those few more breaths of life,
As I thank him for you in my life.
Miss Bobbie Jean.