To Believe!

All my life I have looked for God through the churches and in religions , when I have found that God doesn’t need to live in a church, he is everywhere and anywhere. I have sinned just like anyone else, but I have always talked to God about what I had done and ask for his forgiveness and understanding that I would do everything in my power to not do that again. Sometimes what someone calls a sin, is not in someone else eyes, because the rules have changed so much. A sin is only a sin if it is against Gods rules, not society’s rules. I have found that even in my darkest hours that God was still with me. He was there to give me strength and knowledge to move forward and learn from what had happen, to see just how cruel and hard life can be like so that I could feel the pain that others have had to endure, just for being different. God has given me a good life, and I thank him for that even though things got bad at times. The way I have looked at my life is that each time that my life should have ended he allowed me to to pull through the worst and try again, I would say that he was watching over me so if being a transwoman is such a sin then would he not have just let me die and go to hell? All my life I have wanted to be a woman, a writer, and a teacher, those were my goals in this life that God allowed me to be born in, well I have lived my life as a woman, I have written and punished 15 books and I have taught others about being different, so he has given me everything I could have hoped for, so why would I not believe that he will be there for me when my time ends here?
Look, I for one knows that life is not this prefect world that everyone wants to live in, life is for real and we only have one shot at it, when it is done that’s it, there are no do overs or back buttons here. All you can do is your best and God will help you with the rest.
Love you all, Things is getting worst for me here, there are more bad days then good ones now. Each day I have to deal with the fact that it could be my last one, makes me not want to fall asleep at night. this is the time that I need to be the strongest I can be, not just for me, but for you to see, never give up on hopes and dreams, because that is what you were made up from in the first place, someones hopes and dreams…….
Miss Bobbie Jean
“Society may try to take everything away from you, but they cannot take away your dreams.”

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