I find myself battling with depression everyday of my life,
I sometimes feel that I just want to give up the fight.
But because of the faith I have in God,
That’s thoughts that I must put aside.

Because giving up on life, would be a sin,
In my faith I believe that Jesus, died for them.
So that would be wrong for me to do,
Plus I would just be a failure, to you.

I really would like to go to Heaven when I die,
So I fight to keep those feelings inside.
I want to live my life free of sin,
So that my new life can begin.

It’s really hard to fight this battle alone,
But I have no choice here because I have no one at home.
My caretaker, just does that,
She just cares for me, and that is that.

We never talk about my passing or how I really feel,
She’s just the type that it’s no big deal.
When I die, I will be gone,
It is then that she will just move on.

Living as a trans, has been hard on me,
Living here in Ga. Has been a battle for me, you see.
Because there are people here that have just hated me,
It didn’t matter that I was the best that I could be.

They did all they could to shut me down, you see,
All they ever did was showed hatred toward me.
That’s why I will be glad when it’s all over for me,
It will be good to be in Heaven, with Thee.


Hopping I’ve inspired you as I give praise to My Lord.
Written by Miss Bobbie Jean Chiasson
Please Like and Share if you care about God and I.




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