My Life Like This Was No Fun.

Hope all is well here today,
I have finally found my way.
Back to see you again,
This is where it all started from the beginning.

I don’t get this way much,
Because I have change in a way as such.
That I don’t stand for anything,
Like I did when I did in the beginning.

I have found that most transgenders don’t care,
They like it in the closet, so they can stay there.
I stopped fighting for their rights,
Because they didn’t know what they were about.

Little did you know, what I went through,
Just to stand up, for you.
I got beaten and raped just for being a trans,
But no one here seen to care if I was a woman or a man.

I did what I thought was right,
But I will no longer stand and fight.
My time here is done,
And I can tell you, my life like this was no fun.

Hopping I’ve inspired you as I give praise to My Lord.
Written by Miss Bobbie Jean Chiasson
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