Living As A Transwoman.

Good evening my friends. I hope that your life is going well for you and you have everything you need. I am sorry that I have not been on here much anymore, but I have changed my blog over to Southern Acts because I needed a break from the stress of blogging here on Facebook. 

I have had a hard life here in South< Ga. where I have chosen to live, but the only one I can blame is myself, because I really could have move the hell away from here, but I felt that I needed to try and teach these people that being Trans is not wrong and that we are human beings just like they are, even if they don’t want to except that. I will say that I have no regrets for staying here, but it was not an easy life for me. When I was a little younger I could stand up for myself, but now that I have gotten older and in really bad health I can’t do much of anything anymore. I find it hard to even get dressed up and I don’t go anywhere because of being in a wheelchair all the time, it would make it harder for my friend to deal with me out in the public. I know that I had fun while it lasted and would love to still be doing it. Now all I want to do is sleep because my heart is so weak that I can’t get around, even in our home. My friend has to do everything, even help me get dressed when I feel like trying to.

About all I do now is sit in front of this thing and write my poems and stories, that’s about all I have left to give to you. I found that trying to work and live as a trans here didn’t help me out any, en-fact all it did was make things worst for me, that is why I had a heart attack at work in the first place. It was hard trying to work with a bunch of bigots. 

I tried everything I could to get these people here to understand that we are not monsters, just human beings and that we were not out to hurt anyone, It is just the way we are, I don’t know about you, but I was born this way, and had to live with it everyday of my life, it is my life style, ” I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR” 

All I can tell you is to try and live your life for yourself, because no one else cares. Life is way to short and there are no promises on tomorrows. 

I pray each and every night for just one more day, because at any time God can just take me away.

With that I am going to say that I love you all for being here for me and maybe we’ll meet one day in the heavens above.

With all my love, Miss Bobbie Jean.

This is why I don’t post any pictures anymore.


Bobbie B 010

This was before.



This is now.


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