It’s sad to say that over 57,000 names are on that wall. Yes I am sorry to say that is what Soldiers do, they die for you. Many men and women have given their lives for your rights. I guest I can say that I was one of the lucky ones that made it home, but even at that I still deal with the facts. It was not a pretty thing and blood was everywhere you looked. I lost two of my best friends over there and wish I had died with them instead of coming home to another war. The people here were fighting for us to get out of Vietnam and things were really bad here then. They showed us no respect and said that we were going to hell. They were the cowards that had rich parents that could keep them in school or send them to Canada, now those same people are back here enjoying the freedom that so many gave their lives for. I don’t understand how the American people could have just let them come back like that. Anyway it is not for me to judge them, only God can do that.
Please just you always try to remember all those that gave their life for yours.
Never forget a Vet.
Written by Miss Bobbie Jean Chiasson
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