What Are Friends For?

What Are Friends For?

I am finding that the closer I get to death that I am losing more and more friends reading what I write. I know that it is hard to deal with someone like me in your life, but how do you think I feel about all this. I have nothing left to give you but my writings and I know that’s not much, but I do the best I can. I love to write poems and stories telling of things in my life, but I guest that is not good enough for you anymore. I am sorry if I have wasted your time and hope that one day you will not have to deal with the same thing. No one wants to be around someone like me, because you just think that I am dying and have nothing good left to say, well I always though of myself as a writer and that maybe somehow I could inspire some of you to live a better life by being your true self, but I can see now that most of you just don’t care about someone like me. You feel that I am like a negative part of life when in fact I just say what is true and most of you can’t face the truth about anything, because you are to warped up in yourself and what you do. You think that everyone really cares about what you say or do, well that is not always the case. Some of you just share what others have created because you can not create anything on your own, to me that is nothing that makes you special. Anyone can share other peoples carp. If you notice I never share anything that someone else has created unless it is important and helps someone.

If I have offended any of you here that is what I was wanting to do. You call yourself my friend yet when I need your support and understanding you are never there for me. I always though that friends stood by each other, even when things were down. I can see that I don’t have but a few friends that are really here for me. I sure hope that you are happy for making me feel this sad that I find myself writing something like this.

I surly hope that you never find yourself in my place and waiting for your friends to be there for you.

I am sorry if I have let you down, but I’m the one wearing the frown.

I hope you have a good life, because soon I will be gone from it and you will not have to worry about me anymore. I am sure you won’t miss me anyway, have a good day.

Feeling worthless and unwanted Miss Bobbie Jean.





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