War takes us to far off place’s,

Sometimes we have to fight different race’s.

Yes we may find it hard to do,

But we do what we do just for you.


Most of us are very young,

Some have never even owned a gun.

Yet they put it in our hand,

Then they shipped us to a foreign land.


Sometime I wake and my heart still race’s

I don’t think I’ll ever forget their face’s.

But now most of us are just names on a wall,

I doubt if you will remember us all.


All through life men have fought in wars,

Just for your right of freedom where ever you are.

The sad thing is that most of you don’t know why,

Oh, so many, why did they have to die?


All through history, Soldiers have been giving their life’s for the choice of Freedom and Liberty, and Justice for all men kind yet it seems that way to many people have forgotten that. Many Mothers have lose their Sons and Daughters to these wars and most people don’t even know what they are fighting for. It is for your freedom to live the way you want to live and to have the right to chose where and how you want to live. Many have died for those rights, yet many of you don’t even acknowledge a Vet. When you see one.

Please next time you see a Vet. Tell them thank you for what they have done.

I am Miss Bobbie Jean Chiasson and I thank you for being here.

Please like and share this, so that the world can see it.



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