Spring Is Here.

Spring Is Here.


Flowers blooming everywhere,

Spring has surly filled the air.

It is God showing his love they say,

New born baby’s out to play.


I can hear the birds a singing,

As I also hear the church bells ringing.

God has given us new life,

Somehow I know what that’s about.


It feels so good to have Gods love,

I know that it comes from above.

I know that he has given his love to me,

That is why I have put my faith in thee.


And now that spring has filled the air,

I hope that soon I’ll be in Heaven up there.

I give my soul to My God,

I know that soon I’ll be sitting by your side.


Written by Miss Bobbie Jean Chiasson


Somehow I find inspiration in what I do,

I can only hope that it will inspire you.

I am a Veteran that lives as a trans, and I have lived with the whites and the blacks, but it is more then that. I have learned that all lives matter and if we don’t wake up and see that, one day we will not be able to get it back. We will lose the fact that we are all just human beings living on this earth and we all came from the same dirt. When God made man, he made us all human, to share this world we have together.

Please if we don’t learn to share what we have here today, we will surly throw it all away.

I write for the love of God and you, please be more kind in what you do.


I am Miss Bobbie Jean and yes I have a dream.

A Dream Of A Better World For Everyone, Not Just You”


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