Good evening my friends.


Hoping your day has been a great day for you.
I have been sitting here worrying about what I can’t do anymore and it has eaten me up inside. I have had time to think about this a little better and I believe that if I think about what I can do while I am still here, I would be better off in the long run. I think I still have something left in my heart to pass on to those in need of it. I have found that there are more people out there on my list that are in the same place I am at and if I can try to make their life better for them, it would be better for me. I am strong in Gods eyes or he would not have given me this time to do something good for someone. I pray fir all those out there that are in need of prayers and help from God himself. I may be the one that types, but the words come from God. I have put my trust in him to guide me on my journey to my end. I don’t want to look at it as dying but as being reborn to a new life and lifestyle. I always though I needed a church to go to and sing and pray, but I find that I don’t need that, because I have here. I know what it is like to get down and think that no one cares about you, but I do, if there is anything you want to say, say it on my post and I will try as hard as I can to get back to you. I pray that your pain and suffer will end by the Blessing from God himself and that he watches over you everyday.
I will let you go now because this is hurting my back. Know that as a friend I will love you till the end.

I am Miss Bobbie Jean, I am proud to show my face because that is the face that God gave me to show to you.
I am beautiful and my smile shines from the light of heaven. I have put my trust in you as a friend to share the time I have left here. All I ask from anyone here is to show respect and understanding before you try to judge. And for those that feel they have the right to judge me, remember you to will be judged, but not by me, but by a much Higher Power them me. He is the Great I Am, The Almighty God.

Damn I am Beautiful, because God made me this way.




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