Anther day in the life of a Human Being just like you.

Everyday I try harder and harder to stay alive here. I am sure that if I would look around I would find someone in worst shape then myself, for that I am sorry for them because I know what I deal with, but I don’t know what they are dealing with. I find myself thinking more about God as my time grows harder to deal with. The thing that I feel is stressing me the most is I can not wonder what has happen to this man kind that we are suppose to be a part of. Everyday people or going out of their way to see just how much hurt they can put on others around them. There is no more trust in this human race to anymore. Everyone is always trying to get something out of someone for nothing even if it comes to hurting someone to do it. I have never lied on here about anything. But I also have not ever tried to take anything from anyone with out asking. Sure we have hard times, but so do a lot of others out there. Luckily from the help of a few friends here, we have managed to just get by. But we made it. I didn’t picture being here like this where I would not be able to do anything like this. I was kinda hoping that I wouldn’t be just laying in a bed. I want to know when I go. I want to see my Angel come to get me.

I have been through a lot living this life of mine, but it is all mine. A lot of people here think there is something wrong with me, but the only thing wrong with me, is the way society treats me. I have Christian people that send me a friend request because they like the quotes about God. Oh I so love that they do, but when they find out I am a trans they don’t say anything or like anything I post, because now they don’t want their friends to know that they have someone like me on your list. The ones that really get me is the ones from North Carolina, that is where the passed a laws telling me I have to pee where they want me to, I don’t pee in the boys room sorry. Why is it such a problem that I am a trans person. What is that got to do with you. Do I ask you for anything other then friendship? I could go on, but it would not do any good here. I am not sure what I did to cause these people to judge me as a bad person and a monster. I am feeling that I wish I had staid down in New Orleans and I would have been a Queen down there from my home town., I quest God had others plans for me and since he saved me in Vietnam, I kinds of own he

him something, like my life. That is what I got out of the war, I found that God is always around doing what it is he does. What I see here is there is a lot of people out there believe in false Gods like guns and bombs. Dope and sexual slutty things. Sure at one time I plaid all those games. I have smoked pot and did dope, chase women and men, and I have gotten what I wanted at the time. I have killed in the name of Freedom, but like so many others out there, we get nothing from anyone to help us with that, no just financially but mentally as well. There were times when it looked like the doors of hell had opened up and the flames were to the sky. I know I did things that were bad in someones eyes, it doesn’t matter what it was. People hate me because I wear a dress and live as a woman. Well I am a woman, that is what my mind and body tells me that I am. I can’t be anything else, because I know nothing else.

I quest the point here is that we are the ones that make that first step to start this journey we call life. If I had died in the Vietnam I would not have gotten the chance to live for you to share something with you as a true friend. I have some of you that only like;s things that you feel have to do with you, but I all my post is just for you, think about that when you click.

I am going to stop now, starting to feel the pain in my Kinney’s. I hope that your life is what you though it would be like, and that you always remember that we are supposed to be friends, not enemy’s.

I feel that my dogs can feel when I am like this just want to lay by my feet. I can’t even bend down to pet them so they come and stand bu me so I can pet their head.

I am moving on now need to get this posted and get some rest. I am better off when I am sleeping, but is is hard to just sleep and let life pass you by.

Good day my friends.

Miss Bobbie Jean.

A better world for you and me, ONE RACE CALLED THE HUMAN RACE”


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