My True Love Is For God!


I look for you all Mighty God,
I look up to the shining shy.
You have truly filled my heart,
As each day we get closer to never being apart.

I have trusted you all my life,
Now I know it’s time to make it right.
I will walk with you in Heaven above,
That’s where we will share our love.

I thank you for the rest you gave me,
It is something I really needed you see.
You have surly changed my life,
When you showed me that believing in you was right.

I Thank God for the life that he gives me and for my true friends that will understand me.

I share with you the real part of myself and I Hope that there is something that I give back to you as a friend, because I sure want you as a friend till the end.

I Love all my friends, but My True Love I s For God.

Miss Bobbie Jean.


I share my life


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