As We Walk Through Life!

I can not do this alone, I need my friends to pass it on. If you like and share what I say it will surly be on it’s way.

Remember to respect others.

Good evening.

The world is a big place, isn’t it? There is a lot of people that live on this earth we call home. This is a place where we all belong and whether or not we like it, that is the way it is. It doesn’t matter if are happy with our neighbors, they are still our neighbors. There nothing we can do about that other then move ourselves. There is not reason to blast their home or try to push them out, they have the same rights you have to live where the chose. Same goes to work or any other thing that is going on. I know that life is not protect but it is all we have here. Many times people are just trying to live the life they were given, we don’t have a choice in that. The Lord created us to be different in all aspects of life. We are not to look the same or act the same and even talk the same. We are meant to be different so that we can tell each other apart. I really think that is awesome. It is a gift from God that we are this way. But for some reason, there is a Society out there that think they are better then everyone else. This Society is mostly whites ( not all whites, ok) but it is growing and as it does the more different they become. I have lived here for a long time, hell it feels like a life time, because there is only time I know. When I was a child, people were fighting then, it was the whites holding down the blacks, then it was the whites holding down the gays. Now it is the white, and blacks and every damn one else holding down the trans committing, so you see, it is not just the whites that hate me. I mean like who is next to be held down, maybe it will be you, what have you done that makes you different then me? There are some people out there that don’t have a life of their own, so they like to step on other people to get their rocks off. I deal with this kind of person everyday in my life. If not out in public I still have here. I am known around the world, because of my writings. I have many fans and friends out there. I am not alone anymore, ever. There are times when I can’t even move, but I still do my best to get to write something. Believe when I say, there are times, when I have to ask my friend and caregiver to help me roll to my desk because I can’t roll myself. Sure I have nothing else to do here. Because there is nothing that I can do for myself, but somehow I still find the strength that I need just to type, I feel it comes from God, because only he knows how I truly feel. I get the courage from myself, because I think it is wrong to try and judge another human being. God did not put us here for that. That is something that was taught by another human being. I am here to show and tell you that I am not your enemy, your enemy is locked up inside you. God said to love one another, not kill one another. No where does God allow one man to kill another man. I try to give anyone the chance to be a friend, But one needs to know what it is like to have no friends, before he will know what a true friend is. I have been there. Not being able to go anywhere because people don’t like what I wear. No one said this would be easy, yet I am the only one that I can blame. I chose this life I live, because it was the right thing to do. I knew when God told me to stop running and hiding, he told me to be the best that I could be. I know that Gods loves me and God does know just how much I can endure for his love. For God’s love I would give my life to him, I was a Soldier once, it was a different war. This is just another battle in another war. I am not running from this fight. I know there is nothing that I can do money wise or help building something, but I sit here and I can’t even get a wheelchair tramp to get out of my home, because Society don’t feel like I am worth it. But that’s ok, Because a true Soldier learns to adapt and take charge.

I am going to stop now, not because I want to, because I have no choice here, I am hurting more then I need to be, please, let’s stop the hate and try the love thing for a while, cause the hate thing ain’t working out, is it?

Thank you, if you made it this far.

I love my friends.

Miss Bobbie Jean.


I may be old today, but I have surely had my day.




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