Good evening.

Life moves forwards never stopping to redo, or refresh. Just forward. Sometimes I feel that I’m getting cheated out of my life ( which cause’s depression), but then I take time to think about it and find that I really have been one of the true lucky ones here. I can see where there is a lot of people out there wishing they could have lived in my shoes, (just as for the dressing part that is, not the health part, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone). I am sure they have their reasons for not coming out to the public, where as I have the strength from God to stand and say that I am proud to have been able to live this way. Yes it took some courage from me, but I also had support from friends along the way. I learned how to fight many years ago way before I came out. I was fighting for segregation and I was only 15 then. I have been fighting for something all my life. I am proud to be fighting this battle for transgenders all over the world.

I can not help but feel sorry for those of you that can not live your life out in the world, but maybe when it is all said and done, you will be able to. I know that there are places that being a trans is welcomed and that is a good thing, but it is not like that everywhere in the world, hell not even here in the states. I could move a couple of hundred miles and no one would care, but I should be able to live anywhere and no one care.

Like I said I am really Blessed to have been able to live my life and I know that I would not have been able to do that without Gods help and love for me. Yes God loves us all you see.

Well I think that I’ll stop here, getting tried of typing. Sorry I have not been on here, getting sicker now.

Hope you are all doing ok out there, I love you with the same love Gods shows me, be Blessed and God will do the rest.

Thank you

Miss Bobbie Jean.

With a dream





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