All my life I have the seen different colors and I have learned to enjoy them. Most people never get that, they don’t understand that every race has it’s true colors. If you look back in time, you will see what I mean, It does not matter where you came from, there where colors .
   I was one of those that were lucky enough to grow up in a time in this country when color really was at stake here. You could get hung for being the wrong color, you were separated by color, in everything that you did. No, you can not talk to him or her, not because they were bad, only because they were a different color. I would stand there everyday and say the Pledge A Legions To -A- Flag that was red ,white, and blue, when I was not allowed to talk to another American citizen because she was a different color, excuse me, but as a child living in a foster home working as a slave, along side this child of a different color, she was my friend, I set in her home, and drink coffee with her family, what was so different about that ?
   Correct if I am wrong, but is it not true that if one is born on American soil, one is an American? She was born here just like I was, so I began then to have this problem that I faced everyday.
   I will soon be 66 years old and I still see the hatred from one another about colors, “ When Will We Ever Learn “. mm seems like I heard that somewhere in my life time? Yes, when will we ever learn?
   Like a flower just wanting to bloom we are. There is an enter beauty that can not be shut down, that can not be stopped, shine on, to fill your true colors, as we walk through this life, only to be as that flower, we are blooming for the world to see.         I can not see the future, yet I am no fool. I know that if we continue to see each other as being different for what ever reasons then, yes we are screwed. If we have been making the same mistake for so long and it is still not working for us, then maybe we just might need to change something about our way of thinking, because this just ain’t working.
 I love colors, I watched a movie called “ Color Me Purple, starring Whoopee Goldberg and I never got that out of my head, real touching movie. I have never understood why we feel that need to judge someone because of their true colors, The way I see this is if your an a-hole, it really does not matter what color you are, you are still just an a-hole, lol. Get it ? You don’t have to be a different color for that, trust me.
   I have been lucky enough to have traveled around the world, seeing the true colors of many cu-trues, and I am proud to say that it was an awesome ride for me. I know that I can not live long enough to see the real change that will come in the end, but just maybe one day we can all just be one color, one race, one man kind, called the Human Race, because that is what the creator had in mine when we were created.

We where given the knowledge to overcome anything such as     TRUE COLORS….

Thank you For being colorful.

Hope your life brings you happiness.

I am Miss Bobbie Jean, with a dream “ONE RACE CALLED THE HUMAN RACE”




I am Misty Waters  meaning  “The gentle rain that fells on Mother earth”.




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