I have created this rose just for you,
I would like to share my life with you too.
I have come to find you to be true.
That is why I now share my life with you,


It does not matter if you are near or far,
I will always love you no matter where you are.
Never has anyone been so true to me,
As you have my dear, can’t you see.


Because of you I live,
You have given all you can give.
You give a kindness and a love that is true.
That is why today I share my heart with you.


I vow to stand up tall,
To always love you all.
The thing that I love the best,
Is that you are different than the rest.



Sometimes I try to add a little something here, but today I am not feeling so good. I am having to be on my oxygen all the time and when I take my morphine, it wants to knock me out. I can only say that it is in gods hands now.

Thank you Miss Bobbie Jean.




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