Today I sit and write a tail,
Of a young woman that was a male.
All her life, there was nothing more,
She just wanted to open that door.

She was beautiful when she was young,
But now that the years have come the old has begun.
You never knew what your life will bring
Till you start and try to do anything.

Yes I have often wondered,
What it would have been like over yonder.
She lives here in America where she should be free,
Yet there is only one way that can be.

For her to live her life,
She would have to live the way you think is right.
But why is that to be,
When you did nothing to help her be free.

You wanted her to fight for you,
Yet there was nothing that you would to do.
You see it is easy for you to bury your head,
Then you might as well have been dead.
Open your eyes to the world,
And see her colors, let her be a GIRL.

Hope your life brings you happiness.

I am Miss Bobbie Jean, with a dream “ONE RACE CALLED THE HUMAN RACE”





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