Sometimes being different is something that we are born with, not everyone is born to look like you. In every body’s eyes they are what we should all look like.
I have seen what being different gets you. When you see a child being laughed at because they are fat, or thin ,large or small,
it’s you that they are laughing , it is only the body that you are in.
It is not what makes you,…….YOU.
The true part of what you are is with-in you.

When I look into my mirror I see me,
because that is what I want to see. not you. I am my worse judge, because I will never leave my home looking like anyone else but me.

Sometimes we can not change what makes us different because we were born that way. I know that it is hard to do sometimes, but you need to get the strength that you have with-in your heart and soul. Being different its the Gift that your God as given those of us that are. We have it with-in our selves to be the best different that we can be, I say now I am different than you, because I have made that choose. Sure I could just get up and dress as a Man, but I would not be happy.

The other day, there was a video that some asshole had taken while they were at a bar. The video was about a a young man that was trying so hard to dance. He was in his own little world, not knowing that the person that was taking the video was going to post it on YouTube .
Well everyone was laughing and making fun of the tap.

The young man was a child in a grown up world, it was his Birthday and he just wanted to dance.

I so much wanted to stop this from happen, but I was not there, what of the fools that were there, why did they not stop what was going to happen, or were they just laughing to,

I thank you all for reading what I write, I am nothing more then a messenger from what I believe God is, and that is Love and understanding of all human beings, not just the ones that look like you.

I am Miss Bobbie Jean, with a dream “ONE RACE CALLED THE HUMAN RACE”


Kings and Queens 044


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