Good evening, my friends.

Good evening, my friends.

As we all know Mothers Day is here, and I want to wish all the Moms out there a very Happy Mothers Day. Moms, they are wonderful people aren’t they? Moms can curl anything and fix a lot of things when they are broken. Mothers are there in the good times and in the bad times. Mothers can help heal a broken heart or to hold you when you needed a hug or two. That is just some of the things that real Mothers do.
If I had a mom I think I would say, I love you mom, and I miss you every day I live. I did everything I could in my life to try and make you proud of me. But I don’t have a mom that I can say that to, because my mom choose to be in a bar when I was 5 years old, so she gave me to the welfare people. I asked my mom to let someone adopt me so that I could have a real home with a real mom, but my mother would not let me go, so I did not have the shot at a real family. I tried many times to tell her that I forgive her for what she had done to me, but all she could say was that it was my fault, because I was born a boy and not a girl, she only wanted the girls. Well I did hate her for that, because I already knew that deep inside me I was a girl. When I made the move to change my life, I tried again to talk to my mom and this is what she told me this time. I was not anyone from her family that Bobbie Jean Chiasson did not exists in her life. So there I was still no mom. When my doctors put me into the care of Hospice I called her again to tell her that I was dying, she still blamed it all on me. My brothers and sister followed mom, so that is why people like me have to hide and only get to go out when they are not around their friends and family’s for the fear of losing everything, because they just want to live free from that fear. It is for all those that have had to lose family’s to live free. Happy Mother’s Day to all like me, that can only wish to have that honer to bring life into this world. I truly believe that I could have been a better mom then my mom ever was.

Thank you if you made it this far down. I write about the truth in my life, hoping that just maybe it helps someone out there know that they are not alone, please stand with me to make this a better world for a girl.
Hope your life brings you happiness.

I am Miss Bobbie Jean, with a dream “ONE RACE CALLED THE HUMAN RACE”




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