For The Love Of You

For The Love Of You


Time and time again I share with you
All the things I say and do.
But before I must go,
I want you to know that I love you so.


You are the light of my life,
Only a wish, I could have been your wife.
Only for you I shed this tear,
It’s only for you my dear.


My time is coming soon,
It’s then I’ll be playing a different tone.
I’ll be free,
Just to be what I want to be.


No one knows what the day will bring,
Sure wish I was wearing your ring.
So when I die, My life will end,
I can only hope that you’ll still be my friend.


I am not the best, but I try to say something worth saying.

I give myself to you, because God told me to and I hope that you enjoy what I do.
I have lived a life that some can only dream of, maybe one day they to will be able to live as I do.

Thank you all for your support and your love.

I am Miss Bobbie Jean




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