My life


I write to you because it is something I need to do, Yes God gives me the strength, but I have the courage inside myself to share what I have to deal with.As you know I have lived out my life as a Transwoman and I live never tried to stop dressing as a woman just because I was hated by so many here in South Ga, in the US. Life here is not like it is anywhere else in the states. Sure there are some country’s that don’t stand for Trans people, hell some even kill them. Glad I didn’t have to live there. I live in a place where people here are blinded to different. If it is different it is wrong and don’t belong. They were taught that by their parents and are teaching it to their children. I could have left from here a long time ago, but I am an old soldier and I always had to fight for something. I fight for the blacks when I was in school as a kid, so that they could get the same learning that I did. I fought for Freedom in Vietnam, at least that’s what I was told I was doing. It was freedom for someone telling me what I could or could not do. I came home to people that were throwing breaks at us in uniform. But that didn’t stop me from yet still fighting another battle. A Battle for human rights, the right to live free from discrimination and bigotry. I now stand for the rights of those you can’t stand for themselves, because of fear of losing their jobs or even the friends and family just as I have lost all those that were my friends and family, they just walked out on me, till this day I have not even seen any of my grand-kids, I am sure I have about 6 or so, but I can not be around them for the fear of them turning out like me, what a joke that is.. One day, they to will have the chance to be free. I can only hope that my words have not gone out to death ears, I hope that someone has read my writing and learned that all people are the same, not by color or race, and gender, but by love for another human being. We were all created by the same God and to him I say Thank you My Lord and Master, for giving me a chance to prove myself to you. I can only hope that I have done my job as a teacher to teach those that needed it.
I think I will stop for now, hoping that you have read and enjoyed what I have written.
I write for you, because that is what I do. I love you all, it does not matter what color, race,gender or sexual difference. In the end we are all the same inside, and our blood is all red, so lets stop with the hurting and the killing before everyone is dead.
Good evening my friends, have a lovely evening with someone, each you don’t have anyone, come spend it with me. Love to you all.

I am Miss Bobbie Jean Chiasson and yes I am for real, a real transwoman.

Live for yourself,
not for anyone else.
Be the best you can be,
it works out better you’ll see.


Bobbie A


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