My Life Is About Me, The Truth I Share With You.


My Life Is About Me, The Truth I Share With You.

I really love my life and don’t really want to die, but it is the good people that make my life worth while, I know that I am a nobody, but I think that I have earned the respect of others in this world we call ours, but it really is not ours, it belongs to the creator, and That as for as I know is “God”, the great “I AM” my “Lord” and “Father” He is called by many names, but they all say the same. I live for God as long as he needs me here, I have nothing better to do then to write for you. You inspire me to try to keep moving forward, not looking back on the yesterdays in my life, It is you that supports me by liking what I write and It gives me the courage to write one more time, because I never know when it will be the last one. My friend and caregiver has worked today just to get my computer where I can just sit at it all the time now, it is next to my bed also.
I think that I am trying to see if there is any good that I write? I never know how anyone will take it. I know that I love to write and I can only write about something I know and that would be me. I share my life with you, not because I have to, but because I have chosen to, so please be nice on my post and respect me for what I am, I am not your buddy or your man or any damn thing else, so don’t call me one. The correct way is to respect me as you would any other woman, because I have earned that right, you go through what I have gone through in life then you have earned it to. It is Miss to you.

Hope that life is good and that you get what is coming to you, no matter what it may be, I got what I got, And I am Hot, you know that is so right, love you all, big and tall, thin and small, I love you all.

Miss Bobbie Jean



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