I Give My Soul To Him!

I Give My Soul To Him!


I Thank God for every breath I take,
As I thank him in the morning when I wake.
He has given me a life to live free,
Because when I am done here, with him is where I’ll be.


He is the light that shines for me,
And also the strength for me to be.
As he so gave his Son,
I’ll give of myself when my time is done.


The courage that I show,
It all comes from God, you know.
Soon my time here will come,
But with God, it will have just begun.

    Everyday I thank God for what I have in my life because as for as I can see, he is always with me. I can only hope that I have done my best in God’s eyes, because it is only he that can judge me. I can only do the best that I can do, your life is up to you. I have lived out as I wanted to be, for being a transwoman has been a real rush for me. If I had been a man, I sure would have liked me.
    Anyway I want you to know that it’s not easy to sit here and know that my health is getting worst each day. I try hard not to think about it, but what else is there to think about? Sure I try to remember the good times and realize just how few there were. As long as I can remember I have try to make things right, trying to teach others that it is wrong to hate and to judge each other. We as human being have the power to change the world if we were to all stand up and help teach others not to hate. Today there is every kind of hatred one can think of, why the hell is that, why do so many hate. You know, I might not be what kind of a person that you would want in your life, but that does not give you the right to judge me, and the same here, I try hard not to judge others, unless they give me reason to not like them.
Sometimes it is hard to feel what I am dealing with here, because for so long they have been telling me that I will die soon, God keeps me here. The only thing I have a problem with is the pain, but I have endured pain before, you I also fought in a war. I was wounded both in my mind and body. Today people don’t even thank me for serving for this country, but that’s another time in another place.
I have gotten a little on the tried side here, need to stop and say, Good evening my friends.

Yes I am a Trans and would not have lived any other way, I am Miss Bobbie Jean.


One thought on “I Give My Soul To Him!

  1. May God hear you and bestow on you his warmth and love, he has given you a gift in your beautiful show of words. I have recently came across your site and have felt your entries have meanings from the heart, thank you and peace to you.

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