It has been a year now that I have started with Hospice, because Of my health. I have tried everyday to find something that would help me deal with the fact that my time is getting closer to my end. Everyday I can feel that I am getting weaker and it get’s harder for me to breath. I was always depressed and feeling down. I have allowed others to come into my life even though it is only online here. I have found that just because I am dying, it doesn’t mean that I have to give up on myself. I am a good person and I live to try to inspire others to be good to themselves as well as others. I have found that friends are good to have around, real good friends are hard to find, so if you have one, hang on to them. I have also started looking on the bright side, it does not matter just how close one is to death, love is blind to that and anything else that get’s in the way.
To have someone love me now and allow me to share that love with them would be the greatest thing that could happen to me. Sure I have a friend and a caregiver here, but this is a different kind of love. The love I am talking about far passes anything greater in the world we live in. A love that comes before any other love. Maybe I’ll find that kind of love before I go.
The thing is I have nothing else to give but that love, because I have no money, no home of my own and I am getting old and there is nothing left of me for that kind of love, it would take one hell of a man to love me like that at this point in my life.
Miss Bobbie Jean.
This picture is one of the best it gets now days for me.

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