Can We Sit And Talk ?


Do you come here often or is today your first time here?
I come here a lot when I need to write something. It must be the air here, so soft and clean. The sun shines lightly between the leaves on the trees, with a hint of sparking glow that lights up the ground. The breezes is gently blowing, just enough to move your hair ever so softly., and the smell, mm, yes the flowers are in full bloom.
I have watched you. You are an interesting person,
there is something about you that takes my breath. Your glow, re-minds me of that sun shine with that sparkle in your eyes, you are that breath of clean air that I breath, And your touch is that gentle breeze that touches me. You are that smell in my life, like a rose that blooms anew every day.
It is you that brings that joy into my life and it is you that makes it all worth living for. I am only sorry that I have found you so late in my life. I am afraid that there is not much left of me to share. I have been alone for so long that just to sit with you here is more then I could have ever asked for. Because of you I do what it is I do, my writing , my art, it is all just for you. You have shown me the Beauty in life itself, and as I know there will never be anyone else. Because of you I live just one more day, I take just one more step. Because of you I am here. For the love that I get from you my God.
Sometimes I get a little carried away, but it is how I feel about God today. He is very special to me, He is my sun shine and the wine that I drink. He is the most beautiful person I know, and I will always love him so.
It is because of your difference that draws me to you. Because being different makes you , GOD.
The Beauty that I see before me is God.
Thank you.
Written by Bobby Jean
With a Dream,



Miss Bobbie Jean


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