Just me


  Hi, hoping that everyone out there is doing fine in your own way. I am sure that we are all looking for something here and maybe some of us will find it. I am looking for friendship with others my age and that something in Common with me to chat about. I am not sure just how long I have left here, but I would like to meet other people as long as I am here. It’s always good to make new friends. I have never hear of anyone having too many friends, have you? I don’t think that I have really ever had a true friend that did not want anything out of me, just to be my friend. I can remember all those that called me friend and then took me for what they could get out of me, even my own Son did me that. I have always been good hearthed as to trying to help others do something right with their life, but sometimes these people just don’t want that kind of help. They want it their way and they take and take till there is no more to take then they walk away. I live in a world where all I have left is each day that God gives me here. I try doing anything that I can, but it is not much. I am feeling worst as each day goes by. Sometimes it is very hard for me to function, so I don’t get to write much anymore. It’s like all I do now is wake up, take my meds, then I eat and back to sleep I go. It’s not much of a life here for me now, but I do thank God for it still being so.
  I believe that God has been with me for some time now, he has always been there in my worst of times. He has protected me and shown me that he loves me just as I am. I am a long way from being protect, but who is? I can think of one person that has never sinned in any way. I ask God to forgive me for my sins and allow me to sit with him in Heaven.
  I am going to move on now, because I am getting short of breath here. Hope that you all have a blessed day, and God shows you the way.
Miss Bobbie Jean.



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