Good day.

Today is Sunday here where I live and today is the day that most people try to give Thanks to God and allow themselves to feel that they are right in what ever God has chosen for them. I have tried to know God as my survivor and trust that he will take me home when my days end here. Today I am wondering why I lost a friend on here that I knew personally. She came by my home to visit time to time, but something happened and now she doesn’t come anymore. Part of me miss’s her, but part of me knew that something was wrong with that friendship. I am living my last days here and I don’t need anyone that would hurt me in any way. I am sorry that I lost her and I have ask God why, but I am sure that it is for the best, because I put my trust that God is not going to let anyone hurt me.
I have been thinking about what should I be thinking about at this point. I believe that one should think about the good things that have come to be in their lives. The more one thinks about the good times, the more will come to mind. I was only remembering the bad times and my heart was full of hatred for anyone that I did not feel right about. For so long I had been disrespected and abused here, that I could only see the hatred. How that I have done my best to try it Gods way, that I have come to know that, yes we are all different from each other, and yes we all have the right to not like what someone else is doing, but we do not have the right to judge them. Maybe something happen in their life to make them the way they are, that’s what happen to me here. When I was told that I could not live my life as a woman, I did everything I could to make that happen. Today I can say I have lived as a woman and done it well. I have also come to try and forgive those that hated me so much. “Please forgive them because they know not what they do”
Well I think I” ll let it go for now and hope that your life is as beautiful as a flower in the spring. Love you all…..Big and tall, Thin and small, I love you all.
Miss Bobbie Jean.


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