Just Another Day In My Life!


Good evening everyone, here’s hoping that you are doing your best to stay out of trouble, lol
I have been sitting around thinking about some of the carp that I have had to deal with because I have chosen to live my life as a transwoman and not a man.
I can still remember when I had to dress as one to live till I found that I could not take living that way any longer. I hated myself as a man and I just knew that I could live a better life as a woman, so that is what I done. I gave away all my male clothes to others and I only dressed as a woman from that point on. It did not matter where I had to go, I went as a woman. I even had to go to court, so I dressed up nice and clean, and the judge had to ask me if I was male or female because at that time my name was still a males name. I just found it better for me to make a point if I was dressed the part. A knight is not a knight with his armor. Just like a lake is not a lake with out the water. I could not stand for the right’s of transwomen if I did not dress as one. I knew that there would be hardships and that a lot of people would not understand, just didn’t know there would be so damn many of them. I live in a state where there are over 50 hate groups here and I am on the top of everyone’s list, I don’t think they like me every much here. I have survive only with the help of God, because I have never seen anyone stand with me out there. Must people will not have anything to do with me because someone will think that they are gay. Hell I don’t even call myself gay, I am a transwoman, not a man wanting a man. I love men, but in a different way then someone being gay. I am more bisexual then anything, I just like sex, or I did anyway, with my health being what it is now, I am lucky that I can still think about sex.
Anyway, even though it has been a hard road that I have traveled on to get here, I would not change anything in my life, because if I did, then I wouldn’t have anything to write about.

Here’s hoping your life is full of pleasure and joy comes to you in many forms.

I am Bobbie Jean, and in my world I am a Queen.

Thank you for your support and your love.

You can check me out at https://www.facebook.com/bobbyjean.chiasson

Never let anyone try to change who you really are, be yourself and be true to others and they will respect you more for it. I am in a wheel chair most of my days now, but I still dress as a woman, because that is what I am, and will dress this way till I die.



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