Looking for love.


I know that soon my time will end, but yet I still find myself looking for that true love. I am only human and just for once, I would like that feel that before I die. Someone that will understand me and try to help me deal with all this that has been put before me. It is very hard to endure all this and sometimes it is just so overwhelming that I need someone just to talk to, not about sex, but about us. I think someone has said “To know you is to love you“. I want to learn about what you like and share with you my life. To know that you will be there when I need you the most, someone to lay my head on when I am feeling down. I love to talk, so I need someone who is willing to listen. Yes for now it would be about me getting ready for my passing, but to enjoy the days that we share together. that would be what I would like to find in a true lover.

Thank you again and again for reading what I write about, because I write for you, that’s what I do.
I am Miss Bobbie Jean.





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