Good evening everyone, hope that you have had a blessed day. I tried to do a little around my home, just enough to know that I tried the best I can.
I love everything that God gives to me, he is the air that I breath and he is the beat of my heart. I ask him to forgive me for my sins and that he allows me to be part of him.
I know soon that my life will come to a crossover and I will move on to my next one. I will be with the Angels that have watched over me here. I have truly been blessed.
I want to thank all of you for being here with me now, because this is the time one should never be alone.
I love God just as you love your powers to be, that is part of what makes us different. It is not something that we should be fighting about, but pulling together and see just how things will work out.

I thank you for being here, Miss Bobbie Jean, with a dream, one race called the Human race.


Love you all.


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