Good evening.

Good evening.
Not writing much these days, because I am finding it harder to get to my computer. I am so weak most of the time, I can’t do much of anything. I have been sleeping more lately with my oxygen on. I can and will say that I am becoming more award of my ending. I want to be brave about it, but even at that I am still afraid. I try hard to believe that God is watching over me, and that he has a plan for me. I have always tried to write in a way to maybe inspire others to live out their true lives, but I have also tried to write about the hardships that come with showing your true colors, it’s not always a piece of cake or a bed of rose’s. I believe that each one of us has our own live’s to live and it is only up to us as to how we will do that. I have lived the way I have wanted too never regretting the carp that I had to endure just to live as me. Being where I am today, I feel no hatred to those that showed their hatred for me. They to had a choice to believe the way they wanted to. We are human beings that was given the choice of love or hate. It is up to you as a individual to choose the right way.
Well I will go now for I need to rest more.
Though for the day—Even in a world full of hatred-you can always find peace in your heart if you just talk to God, believe he will hear you.
With love Miss Bobbie Jean.

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