Good day!

Hoping that you are at your best today.

I am going to talk about being a transwoman and the choice’s we have to make. I lived a long time in my life as a male and was doing really good, but then I was put into a situation where I had the chance to make that change in my life. I want you to know that I didn’t need to make that change but I also felt that I needed to be the true me. When I looked into the mirror all I could see was that girl in me.

We are all like that and we can not change it, it is there and it wants to come out.

I am not saying that it will be easy for some of you to make that kind of move, it would change you life big time. I have lost my friends and family that I had as a male, but if they knew and didn’t want to be my friend then why were they even here?

I am proud to be a transwoman and would not change anything about my life. I know that you are afraid of what others may think or say about you, but it is not up to them, it’s only up to you. Feel what you want to be more then anything else and go for it. You’ll be the winner for that.

I am Bobbie Jean and I have lived long as a female then a male, I have has hard times and good times, But I have told the true about myself to the world, because I have nothing to hide.

I am beautiful at who I am.

Bobbie B 010Love you all Miss Bobbie Jean.


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